How Chatbots are changing the Customer Care Industry

by David Make Binary Informatics

As you’ll already know AI race is on, major tech companies are already developing Chatbots to serve their customer in a better way. Lots of customer services based businesses believe that AI tool could help for make better customer services in their Industries. However, are not sure if their business is sophisticated enough to implement Chatbots in their systems.

Here are some imperatives for performing an AI-based virtual assistant in your organization; the entry difficulty is very cheaper than any belief.  Service and Chatbots the two Industries can go together to long keep on solving customer queries effectively by giving customers a friendly, personalized experience and saving human cost


About the Chatbots

A Chatbots is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Chatbots programs are usually developed to convincingly affect how a human would behave as a conversational partner, through passing the Turing test. Chatbots used for dialog systems for different practical purposes including information acquisition or customer service and also these programmers use well informed natural language processing systems, but many simpler frameworks search for keywords within the input, then pull a reply with the related keywords, or the much-looking word pattern, from a database.


Here are few of the Top 6 industries:


  1. Chatbots in Restaurant and Retail Industries

If we searched the restaurants, here are some famous restaurant chains such as Taco Bell and Burger King has introduced their Chatbots to stand out of competitors in the Industry as well as treat their customers quickly.  These Chatbotsprogrammers are not only good or helpful for the restaurant staff in decreasing work and pain but can also provide a better user experience for the customer’s comforts.


  1. Chatbots in Hospitality and Travel

Fully correct and fast delivery of information to customers is a most important thing in running a successful online Business, and the, especially in the price sensitive and competitive both, are industries. Chatbots especially have gotten a lot of attention from the hospitality industry in recent months. It’s can also help to find out the hotels in a number of areas, including time management, cost reduction, and guest services. They can help guests with elementary questions and requests.


  1. Chatbots in Health Industry

Chatbots Such as Amazon’s ‘icliniq’, ‘health Tap’ ‘ Alexa’ are some of the examples of Chatbots evolving in the Health Industry.  With the help of Health-Bots, users can also ask health-related questions and receive fast responses. These good responses are either original or based on responses to similar questions in the database. It can also be a good example of the success of Chatbots and Service Industry combo.


  1. Chatbots in E-Commerce

In today’s scenario, the online business future is where brands have their own Chatbots which can easily interact with their customers with the help of their apps, like a Facebook messenger or any other messaging apps.


  1. Chatbots in Fashion Industry

In this industry where luxury products must be purchased in some physical boutiques and coordinated customer service is essential. The Internet changed this suddenly, by giving the customers a without any difficulty but a very impersonal experience of shopping. But it’s all problem can be solved by Chatbots. In some cases, many customers can be treated personally with bots, which can exchange messages, give the required suggestions and about the information.


  1. Chatbots in Finance

Chatbots also worked as Financial Advisor for the customer, such as Banking Bots, Tax bots, Expense Saving Bot etc. Fintech and Banks have ample opportunities in developing bots for reducing their costs as well as human errors. Chatbots as work on customer’s convenience and comfort, managing multiple accounts, directly checking their bank balance and expenses on particular things.


Concluding Thoughts

Organizations have over a wide type of industries are developing these devices on popular messaging apps in recent time such as  Facebook Messenger, Slack Kik, etc. also on their own applications and websites. In recent times, Chatbots and service Industry together have a lot of chances and small to big all size of organizations can build their own particular bots to decrease their work and help their customers better. That doesn’t mean that this is it. Above are most of the industries where Chatbots have just entered, however that doesn’t mean that this is it.

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