How Can I Report Medicaid Fraud and Blow Whistle to Receive a Potential Cash Award?

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Federal and state governments collectively spend billions of dollars every year on public healthcare programs including Medicaid and Medicare. However, like any other industry, wrongdoers find ways to fraudulently charge the government for the services they never provided, or overcharging by manipulating the invoices.

Managed care organizations defraud the government healthcare programs by falsifying reimbursement documents, or overspending on administrative expenses. Hospitals may bill for unnecessary procedures or services that were never provided. Physicians may bill for medically unnecessary procedures or billing lower code procedures for those of higher costs. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) engage in fraud through off-label marketing and manipulation of clinical trials. Laboratories and diagnostic testing facilities may bill for tests that were not requested, skilled nursing facilities may bill for services not medically necessary, while home health and hospice organizations may falsify forms and other actions to defraud the government.

Help keep the government’s healthcare program honest, efficient and accountable

If you are aware of any such fraudulent activities at your current or former organization, or some vendor involved in Medicaid frauds, you can play a crucial role by blowing the whistle in the right manner and help keep the government’s healthcare program honest, efficient and accountable. Recognizing that whistleblowers help prevent wastage of the US taxpayers’ money and protect public health and safety, federal laws strongly encourage employees to disclose wrongdoing.

Delay is the number one issue in settling successful Medicaid fraud whistleblower claim. You may have the strongest Medicaid fraud claim in years, worth millions to the government and yourself, but if you fail to file it in good time and through the appropriate procedure using a top whistleblower law firm, you may not be able to win your Medicaid fraud whistleblower claim, which could be anything from 15% to 30% of the amount recovered by the government in false claims submitted by the wrongdoers.

How large can be your whistleblower award?

Note that under the False Claims Act (FCA), the government can recover up to three times the amount of money claimed through false claims by the wrongdoer, in addition to $5000 to $10000 in civil penalties for each false claim submission. So, if a wrongdoer bills government $10 million through false claims, the government can recover upto $30 million from them, and you can be entitled to receive up to $9 million (30%) as your Medicaid whistleblower award.

The process of reporting a Medicaid fraud must be followed to the letter in order to maximize the potential of your Medicaid whistleblower award. Any holes or skipped steps and the case can unravel early on. Most whistleblower awards are based on first-to-file. Telling anyone could threaten your claim and award eligibility, both.

Ask as many questions to your counsel

Though some state laws require the employee to bring the fraudulent activity to the notice of the wrongdoer or give them reasonable opportunity to correct the activity, there are many instances when the disclosure is not necessary, such as when the employee reasonably believes that the activity is known to the supervisor and fraud is knowingly been perpetrated, or fears physical harm.

Whistleblower cases must be based on facts, mere speculation is not enough to file a claim. The best Medicaid whistleblower lawyer at Brown LLC, the top whistleblower law firm, will help protect your rights as a whistleblower and ensure that your case is successful. Ask questions to your counsel if you don’t understand a procedure and follow their expert advice as closely as possible.

Filing your case under seal (anonymously)

Depending upon the type of whistleblower case and your position, you may remain anonymous throughout the entire process. However, be prepared that your identity may be revealed at a later stage to complete the investigations. Seek the advice of your counsel before signing any document that could have an effect on your eligibility to collect an award as it may have severance plan language that may exclude you from your whistleblower award eligibility.

Call Medicaid fraud whistleblower hotline

Moreover, stay positive as the process won’t be easy. Do not accept any offer of hush money from your lawyer as it will damage your chances of a much higher whistleblower cash award. And remember that the case isn’t over until the check is deposited into your account. Brown LLC will not charge you anything till you get your cash award. So, speak in confidence with Brown LLC, the top whistleblower law firm if you suspect of any Medicaid or Medicare fraud at your current or former workplace. Act now to protect yourself and ensure your role as a Medicaid whistleblower. Call Brown LLC, the top whistleblower law firm’s Medicaid whistleblower hotline number at (877) 561-0000, or visit their website at

Protecting you from retaliation

The best whistleblower attorneys at Brown LLC will also protect you from any retaliatory action by your employer, such as dismissal, unreasonable transfer, harassment, discrimination, threats, etc. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has established a Whistleblower Protection Coordinator in the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to protect the whistleblowers from retaliatory action for making a protected disclosure.

Your information will remain confidential

The top whistleblower law firm Brown LLC is led by a former FBI Special Agent and has successfully recovered tens of millions in whistleblower claims for their clients. The law firm won’t use your information if it decides that your information can not be used to file a whistleblower or Qui Tam case due to reasons such as someone else has already filed a claim, your information is already known to the government or it is already in the public domain, or you happened to gather it from your position as a public investigator, or it is based on media reports, or you have been too late to file the claim. All information provided by you to the Brown LLC will be considered covered under the attorney-client and work product privileges to the fullest extent of the law.    

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