How Bilingual Brand Ambassadors Enhance Promotional Campaigns

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Dubai is a favorite travel destination and a business hub. This city has only about 15 percent of natives with the remaining 85 percent expatriates and international travelers. Any business owner looking forward to capturing the market here should consider the multicultural society. This requires acknowledging that the target customers obviously speak different languages. When it comes to brand awareness, promotional models can do the job well. However, it is better to use bilingual models to ensure that all customers get the care they need.

Being prepared to serve all customers increases the chances of generating more sales and makes your brand more likable. It means your business has better chances of serving all customers with subsequent improvement on your bottom line. Read on to understand the benefits of using bilingual promotional models for your campaigns.

Making customer conversations more personal  :
During a trade show or product launch, many people are bound to attend. It would be a great moment for guests to be greeted by a promotional model speaking their native language. Everyone expects such people to speak English. However, bilingual promotional models make great brand ambassadors and will definitely make guests get a positive impression of your brand.
Bilingual brand ambassadors find it easy to break the ice for a more natural and personal moment with guests. The conversation has higher chances of getting directed back to your brand with the bilingual model as your brand representative. It is hard to strike a more personal conversation when potential customers don’t speak good English. Hiring the best Russian model in Dubai  makes it easy to sell to Russian speaking prospective customers. 
Ideal for large conferences and exhibitions  :
Are you planning to attend a big exhibition or trade show? Perhaps you are planning to launch a new product. Keep in mind that the event is likely to attract various people in huge numbers from across Dubai and other Emirates. During pre-event preparations, you have to hire some bilingual promotional models to spice up your event.
These will greet and assist all guests in your stall and ensure awareness of the day’s agenda. Additionally, your bilingual staff will help guests navigate around the premises while striking conversation regarding your product or service. Promotional staff who don’t understand the guest’s native language are likely to find it hard to pique the guest’s interest towards your brand. Bilingual staff can talk to virtually anybody while ensuring that the guest has a pleasant experience and feels acknowledged. 

Ideal for cultural events:
There are times when you have to attend an event with a cultural focus such as the Dubai Food Festival, Dubai World Cup, and the Dubai International Film Festival. It is important to have brand ambassadors ready to suit the occasion. Luckily, bilingual models are likely to accurately represent the culture of your target demographic. The chances of bicultural promotional staff are high for bilingual individuals. Having staff speaking another language apart from English will come in handy to manage your booth. It makes it easy for your promotional staff to give out samples of your products and to respond to customer queries.
Ability to reach a wider audience: 
Most promotional events or trade shows happen in locations open to the public attracting people from various walks of life including travelers. Handling such a diverse crowd requires having a promotional team with bilingual models. This will ensure that you don’t miss the multiple opportunities availed by the broader audience.

It is obvious that general information and packaging is always in English. However, it is a smart idea to have promotional staff who can talk with customers in the native language. It has better chances of giving customers extensive details regarding your products or services in the language they understand better.

Multilingual staff have better efficiency:
People who speak more than one language are likely to have a better and more flexible cognitive ability. This makes bilinguals good at problem-solving and better at multi-tasking. When preparing to attend a trade show or host a promotional event, there is no need to take your staff to a language school. You just have to find a reputable staffing agency for promotional models who can speak another language.
Having bilingual brand ambassadors gives peace of mind that your target audience will get the attention it deserves. Your promotional models will work beyond expectations to ensure that your promotional campaign is a success. The brand ambassadors will also help with other tasks including tidying up your booth and stocking supplies for efficient use of their presence.

Bottom line:
To make the most of your presence during a trade show or promotional event requires adequate preparation. The best thing you can do you’re your brand is to have bilingual brand ambassadors. These will personalize customer conversations, make your brand reach a wider audience, and improves efficiency among your promotional team.

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