How beneficial is SSD Dedicated Hosting?

by Moni Singh go4hosting
SSD or Solid State Drives are special disk drives which make use of memory chips for data storage rather than storing data on a spinning drive. The SSD is therefore meant to be used for better speeds; it is a high-performance memory for storing data and music on smartphones today. SSD dedicated hosting is popular because they can guarantee excellent performance.

What are the advantages of SSD dedicated hosting?

  • Compared to regular hard drives, SSD dedicated hosting helps you to store files much faster. The SSD will therefore offer a huge performance boost for any website, allowing the site to handle many more visitors but not slowing down in the process. The main reason why the SSD can achieve this high speed is because they store the data in memory chips rather than on spinning disks. So, they are able to run without having to use physical movements for reading and writing heads. As compared to traditional hard drives that are capable of carrying out about 100 operations in a second, these drives are capable of carrying out thousands of operations in that second. This speed increase is most noticeable for database servers and MS SQL that have to read and write data continuously. Besides, there are also game servers such as Minecraft which must write data to disks constantly and can benefit from SSD dedicated hosting plans.

  • With SSD dedicated hosting, you can get more business. Google always takes page loading speed as one of the critical factors to rank your website. A faster site will automatically mean a better user experience. When you visit a slow loading site, you are tempted to move away when the pages take very long to load. This means less engagement and automatically lower sales. So, it is here that the SSD can be very helpful. Most businesses are now making a beeline to opt for SSD dedicated hosting solutions to get rankings in search engines like Google. This is why choosing SSD dedicated hosting for businesses makes perfect sense.

  • SSD dedicated hosting is also far more reliable. With all mechanical devices like traditional hard drives, component malfunctions are inevitable. Hard drives have become much more reliable with time but it remains vulnerable to mechanical failures. Purely electronic devices such as SSD are therefore much more reliable and stable. SSDs are not completely fail-proof because with time storage modules can degrade. But the lifetime for the SSDs is much longer when you compare these to the traditional HDDs. So, it can be hoped that the SSDs reliability will only become better with the passage of time.

  • Furthermore, SSD dedicated hosting is preferred because it is environment friendly. SSDs will need less energy as compared to the traditional HDDs. Incidentally; they will only use up about one-fifth of electricity which the HDD needs. They will also produce far less heat as compared to traditional hard drives. So, when you consider the huge volumes of data that is being consumed and generated every day, it becomes clear why the SSD technology is here to stay. It will have a crucial part to play in reducing the carbon footprint in the hosting industry.

To sum up, SSD dedicated hosting will be taken up by most businesses because the SSD is really the future of data storage. It is new but it is here to stay. It is faster than traditional storage and will guarantee users a much superior experience. So, SSD hosted websites will enjoy the opportunity to get more business.

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