How Are The ICAS Assessments Important For Children And The Education System?

by Dolly K. Digital Marketing Executive

A lot has been said about the importance and significance of education for a nation and its people. It has been widely agreed that no nation can keep on growing without a proper framework of education. Education is the essential catalyst that can prepare the people of the country for a better, bigger and brighter tomorrow and can guide them to bring in that future for themselves and their forthcoming generation. Now having said all of this lets come to the basic question – ‘what is education’? As baffling the idea may seem, not many of us have the right answer to this question.

A distorted vision of education

As appalling the idea may seem, these days education has become a mere rat race where parents and students are only interested to score the highest marks, in any way or means possible. The universal meaning of education in contemporary times merely boils down to the marks scored on the mark sheets and the report cards. Other parameters like the application of the acquired knowledge in the real-life, creation of innovative and out of the box enterprising ideas out of the acquired knowledge seem to evaporate as a whole from the minds and the focus of both the children and their parents. Such a blindfolded condition can prove to be very dangerous for the children and also the country as a whole since this is not the guiding line that has churned out some of the biggest achievers of the current times. It is in this context the notion of the ICAS assessment is of paramount significance.

ICAS assessment

The ICAS education assessment system is a structure that has been inaugurated under the guidance of the UNSW Global. This is an evaluation system that evaluates much more than the bookish knowledge extent that has been drilled into the psyche of the children. This is an assessment system that has been introduced in the schools of several countries across the world like the US, Australia, and many Asian countries. In recent times, this evaluative system has also been introduced in India by the Macmillan Education who has begun this endeavor in the schools of the Indian subcontinent in partnership with UNSW Global. This is an evaluative system that tries to find out how far the students have been able to learn and get enlightened by the different subjects that are being taught to them in their schools. The main focus is o how well they can apply their learning to solve the challenges and the problems that will be thrown their way in real life. Hence the ICAS evaluation focus on the applicability of the classroom academic and syllabus oriented teaching. This is one of the most pertinent ways through which parents and teachers get an idea of the best possible ways through which the child can be further developed in the future.

Subjects covered and other facilities

The ICAS evaluations cover a wide variety of subjects such as mathematics, English, Science, digital technologies. These are some of the basic subjects that are of paramount importance both from the academic point of view and also the point of view of training a child to meet and overcome the various challenges of daily lives. Such assessment programs brought about by the leading publishing house of the country can be one of the basic and significant test formats through which the very idea of education can get revolutionized. Truly this type of assessment looks more than mere mugging up of subjects. This type of assessment aims at finding out the real knowledge acquired b the children, which in the future can be the founding stone for great accomplishment for not just the children but the nation as a whole. 

In order to prepare for the test online materials, questionnaires, etc are available for the benefit of the students and also the schools. This is a new approach that can change and upgrade the overall concept of education. 

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