How are Contemporary Rugs different from Traditional Rugs

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There is great diversity these days regarding the accessories we find online or in stores when upgrading our homes. From traditional to contemporary, there are various ideas available online related to home décor. As far as area rugs are concerned, there is a vast array of rug style options which sometimes become frustrating to decide from. You can choose either traditional rugs or contemporary rugs

When information is categorized it becomes easy for the consumer to select one item. When looking for area rugs, try to explore both traditional and contemporary rug styles to decide which one is suitable for your household. Both contemporary rugs and traditional rugs vary from one another in many aspects. They might serve the same purpose but they fall into different categories.

Comparing contemporary rugs with traditional rugs:

Both these rug styles are unique and beautiful in their own ways. But by having information about their specialties, it becomes convenient for you to find the right style of rug for your home. Contemporary and traditional rugs can be compared by elaborating following aspects:

  1. By purpose

  2. By design

  3. By shape

  4. By color

  5. By material

  1. By purpose:

  • Contemporary rugs are a piece of modern art. It simply means being modern. In this way, it is clear that these types of rugs are placed or used to give your space a modern and up-to-date outlook. They have an architectural approach towards home décor.

  • Whereas traditional rugs can be linked back to its origin by looking at the ancient feel which it gives. Their purpose is to provide an oriental and Persian feel where it all originated. This style of the area rug is still preferred by many homeowners due to its simplicity and texture.

  1. By design:

  • The pattern of contemporary rugs is quite different from traditional ones. They have abstract, geometrical, and spectrum-like designs which have been crafting since the early 20th century began. The shapes of the patterns woven in them complement the modern space of your lifestyle. They are also designed in floral prints. It is totally up to your taste in rug styles.

  • The designs of traditional rugs can be dated back to Asia and Europe which passed on from generation to generation. Mostly their designs include straight lines, floral designs, and bordered style with a diamond print in the center of the rug. These designs are still on market according to the consumers' demand.

  1. By shape:

  • Unlike traditional rugs, contemporary rugs are manufactured these days in various shapes and styles. They are available in square, rectangular, octal, straight, round, and runner rugs.

Other than these, they come in a variety of small area rugs which are used under a serving table or a cozy armchair.

  • Traditional rugs are usually large in size and shape. They mostly give a carpet-like feel. Back in the days' traditional rugs were only manufactured in square or rectangular shapes but nowadays they are also available in runner rugs, straight rugs, and octal-shaped rugs.

  1. By color:

  • There are various contrasting shades in contemporary rugs both online and in stores. The color pallet is advancing day by day in this category as modern demand is. Countless colors are blended which forms a spectrum of texture in them. To name a few shades, there is a vast range of inspirational blues, beige, turquoise, grey, deep red, and many others according to your aesthetic sense.   

  • As compared to the contemporary style, traditional area rugs come in a limited range of colors with traditional floral and central printing. The basic colors in this category are rich red, brown, orange, dark green, blues, gold, and black. But they still offer a great luxurious look to your living space.

  1. By material:

  • In terms of material, contemporary rugs are manufactured both synthetically and hand-made. They are made of wool, cotton, jute, silk, and cotton blended mixed fiber. They are used based on their texture.

  • Earlier traditional rugs were mostly hand-woven but these days they are also made synthetically. They come in wool, cotton, and jute.

  1. Conclusion:

With the information provided here, finding the right area rug is no longer a problem. If you want to go for some bold patterns, unconventional graphics, and modern feels, choose from the vast range of styles in contemporary rugs. But if you wish to have luxurious old-school looks with central patterns and typically brown or red colors. Choose from the variety available in traditional rugs. It depends on your taste and preferences in home décor.

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