how animals do their treatment

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See how animals do their treatment

How to treat your animal

Rescue from Parasites

When chimps are sick with viral infection or they have diarrhea or malaria, they go to a special plant. Following the chimpanzees, scientists have reached the plant named Aspilia.

How to treat your animal

The advantage of an asphyxia

Its rough leaves clean the stomach of the chimps. With the help of Aspillia, the parasite quickly gets out of the body. The infection also starts to decrease. People of Tanzania also use this plant as a medicine.

How to treat your animal

Wonder Plum

Black Plum Vietx, Dooniyan, Monkeys eat big chicks. It fights with snake poison. Humans also use it to make yellow fever and menstrual medicines.

How to treat your animal

Learn from parents

The Lamb sees grazing large sheep and learns a lot. If there is complaint of insects, the sheep grabs such plants in which the amount of tannin is very high. Once the health is restored, the sheep again begin to feed the common grass.

How to treat your animal

The need for alcohol

Very small bees, called fruit fly, use rotting fruits to fight parasites. Alcohol is formed in the fruit bad. Fruit shoots lay eggs in such fruits so that viruses and parasites themselves die.

How to treat your animal

Sensible geheu

When the disease is due to the virus, the Gija plants such plants that contain alkaloids too much.

How to treat your animal

Toxic flowers

Monarch butterfly uses the milkwheed plant to give eggs. Its flower contains a lot of cardenolydenne, which is toxic to the butterfly's enemies.

How to treat your animal

Diligent bees

Bees make propolis. This is a mixture of honey and natural wax. It protects against bacteria, viruses and infections. Humans also use humans, monkeys, bears and birds.

How to treat your animal

Nicotine shelf

The Goraya nurse in Mexico has started taking cigarette snacks to build a nest. According to the researchers, cigarette butt contains enough nicotine which prevents parasites. But there are also disadvantages.

How to treat your animal

Grass treatment

Cat and dog are not naturally pure vegetarians. But when falling ill, both eat special types of grass. His stomach worsens with eating grass and the sick thing comes out with vomiting or diarrhea.

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