How a Civil Litigation Private Investigator Can Help

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No matter if it involves divorce, personal injury, or business disputes a civil litigation private investigator can help build your case and disprove false accusations. They also conduct asset searches and fraud detection to uncover hidden funds or valuables that may exist within your case.

Attorneys frequently enlist private investigators as partners in finding witnesses for court cases, which is an arduous and time-consuming task for them to undertake themselves.

Evidence Collection

Evidence is often the deciding factor in any legal matter, and civil litigation private investigators can help gather it legally and efficiently - both physical and testimonial.

Testimonial evidence is one of the mainstays of civil evidence, since witnesses give their statements under oath, yet there are other types of proof available to support a case.

Documentary evidence is another key category that a civil litigation private investigator will collect and submit in court as proof. This may include documents related to your case as well as photos, videos and other forms of documentation. Visit for more information. 

Assets can often be the hardest element of a civil case to locate, so PIs specialize in finding hidden assets like undeclared wealth, real estate, bank accounts, trust funds and vehicles that could make or break a case and lead to successful settlement negotiations.

Interviewing Witnesses

Civil cases typically require extensive witness interviews prior to trial. Any declarations obtained during these interviews must reflect your case in its best light.

Effective witness interviews take place in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation - either at home or the witness' place of work.

Interviews should be carried out stepwise, beginning with polite, friendly introductions and rapport-building before asking general questions to elicit information from witnesses. This allows an investigator to gain their trust while developing an effective interview style.

As part of an interview, it is critical to keep careful notes of each witness' statements, including their identity and date of interview. Doing this can help protect your investigation if any challengers attempt to assert bias or incompleteness against it in court proceedings.

Obtaining Documents

Civil cases often necessitate collecting additional information to support claims or assist attorneys with winning cases, often by gathering documents that cannot be easily obtained via regular discovery or depositions.

Private investigators are regularly used by lawyers in all stages of a civil litigation for various reasons. A witness statement may be needed for pre-trial discovery purposes or perhaps there's another third party who could help them with their case.

Civil litigation private investigators employ various investigative techniques to gather evidence, such as surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic investigation, asset searches and witness examination. They can also create an official report and act as expert witnesses during court proceedings.

Providing Testimony

Testimony can play an essential part in any legal case. It provides crucial insight that may otherwise be hard to gain through other means - for example police reports and bank records.

Civil litigation private investigators are frequently called on by divorce lawyers for various purposes. Perhaps an attorney needs more information before filing their complaint, or perhaps the defense needs a refresh.

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