Home Soundproofing Products and Techniques

by Shishir Chakma Digital Marketer and SEO Experts

For most people, the home is a respite from the outer world. It is a place where one goes for rest, peace and quiet. But, a lot of people are not fortunate enough to be living in quiet suburbia; instead, they might have noisy neighbours, heavy traffic flow or even train lines or airports close to their homes. Things might be the other way round too. For instance, a person may be interested in playing drums or bagpipes or may have a home theatre system which is likely to disturb the neighbours. In such cases, soundproofing a house becomes the best option to avoid noisy disturbances.


There are three main techniques to home soundproofing, all of which work on the principle that sound waves keep travelling until they hit some resistance and that the volume of sound fades as it travels. For soundproofing walls, the first and the easiest way is to create space in the rooms. Large rooms stop sounds from travelling. But if this is not possible, then cheap soundproofing options can be availed by placing heavy furniture around the house. Heavy items absorb sound and act as a resistance to sound waves. Commonplace household items and building materials such as sofas, thick curtains and even marble slabs act as good soundproofing material.


The third soundproofing Acoustiblok UK option is to get a house professionally insulated. Professional insulators use double-paned windows to minimize noise travel. Window plugs are filled in the gaps to make sure that the room is completely impervious to sound invasion. Also, soundproofing ceilings, as well as walls, are necessary in order to make a room quiet. For this, layers of thin drywalls are added in between rooms so that they can absorb the sound waves. At times, wallpapers can also act as good sound absorbents. For soundproofing floors, the best option is to get thick carpets which muffle footsteps.


Appropriate soundproofing not only prevents outside sound from entering the house but also prevents unwanted sounds from disturbing the neighbourhood. That's why it becomes important for homeowners to use the correct soundproofing products and techniques to make their haven a comfort zone - away from the intrusion of unwanted noises.

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