Hiring an Executive Protection Company for C-suite Executives and Other VIPs

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Sometimes, it's not about needing executive protection. It's about when to start and how to find the best protection available. Executive Protection provides security services for VIP celebrities, dignitaries, CEOs, and other high net worth executives.

The Security Global and domestic has never been more critical. It is almost imperative to be more aware of any threat to risks and be proactive in protecting yourself and your loved ones. The security integral for C-level executives in today's world begins with a risk analysis.

A dedicated security form company wants to identify anyone in the business-critical company who may be the target. Then an assessment of the impact areas is made if something happens to them through a deliberate attack. You also need to learn about the person's public and private lifestyle.

Sometimes threats come from unexpected sources. Providing executive protection means doing everything you can to reduce risk factors. Read on to learn more about why you might consider protecting armed executives.

What is executive protection?

There is a difference between executive protection and being a security officer or bodyguard. The most common definition is intimate protection, also known as executive protection. Narrow protection refers to the security measures taken to ensure the safety of an executive or other VIP.

Strict protection is necessary because the executive is at high risk due to his company's status, wealth, associations, or even where he works and lives. Why would you need executive protection?

  1. Your protection often allows you to have more discretion during travel or important political, personal, corporate, or other meetings. Executive protection is a benefit because you don't want the media or others to know your whereabouts.
  2. You are mitigating the risk that someone with whom you have a professional or personal relationship will be affected by a disruptive loss. This includes the ability of companies to maintain business continuity. 

Executive protection also gives you the ability and time to dedicate yourself to safe and productive work. Executive protection often works with law enforcement to organize travel routes, assess locations, and assess anticipated threats.

Compelling reasons to protect executives

Executive protection began in the 1970s when the Secret Service began protecting foreign dignitaries. It's not uncommon for executives to jump-start upon learning in the corporate hemisphere upon learning they may require executive protection. It is a common reaction from people, as most do not want to risk their privacy or the right to have a certain amount of freedom in their daily lives.

This loss of privacy is worth ensuring to ensure the health and well-being of an executive. Executive protection provides much more than basic service security. Executive protection involves providing things like:

  • Video surveillance at home and work
  • Threat neutralization
  • Emergency medical response
  • Advanced identification of location and event risks
  • Risk mitigation during the trip.
  • Physical protection

Dealing with any cybersecurity threat is also something that can fall into executive protection operations. Any device used by an executive must be protected and have the latest protection through encryption and enterprise mobility management (EMM) portals. Comprehensive cybersecurity protection is needed to ensure that C-level executive data does not become a network entry point for an attacker.

Executive protection requires additional and specialized education and training.

Often, a security officer may want to move into executive protection. This can happen, but many security guards must be taught and receive advanced training on topics such as:

  • Route recognition
  • Threat assessment
  • Location or location surveillance
  • Travel and movement protection through embus and debus plans,
  • Boost counter-terrorism and learn how to detect explosive devices and more

The educational components consist of learning to plan, execute, and operate specific and designated security services. Executive protection students generally learn to manage and lead operational teams. There are three other areas that Executive Protection Officers receive.

One is called three rings of protection, which is how protection executives perform protection from the start. Another advanced training is learning to cover and evacuate early. The third most common advanced training is about finding and using protective intelligence.


Hire an executive protection company

If you are trying to provide executive protection to a person who moves as if they don't need protection, you can try to Google it. Sometimes when a high profile or equity profile searches Google, they are surprised at what is in them. The person may also be surprised to meet all the people or groups who threaten them on social media or who don't like them or their company very much.

It is always an eye-opening exercise, and sometimes it convinces the person why they need to hire an executive protection company. When hiring an executive protection company, you also need to ensure that they can integrate the latest technology with testimonials and estimated history. Your expertise should be a complete solution for all your security needs.

The executive protection company should have all the appropriate licenses, firearms, and security licenses for your area or location. Agents must receive formal training in executive protection and, in most cases, will have a diploma or certification. The executive protection company also has liability insurance.

A leading example is The World Protection Group, Inc. a well-recognized VIP security services company that deals with celebrities, VIP personnel and high net worth individuals. Founded by Kent Moyer, the WPG has credible experience of offering state-of-the-art security to notable personalities.

The founder of the company, Moyer, previously served as an elite bodyguard at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. He holds extensive experience of elite security, executive protection, and has brought his own expertise in the operations of his company.

Bottom line

Executive protection is a top concern for all major national or international companies for C-level executives. Help yourself to have the peace of mind provided by cutting-edge protection technology and security protection. Call the security company you selected and review the contracts, terms, testimonials, references, and coverage.

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