Herbs for Dogs: A Great Way to Improve Your Best Friend’s Health

by Mariha Smith Manager
A lot of people prefer growing fresh herbs in their kitchen and savor their flavor. Or, they grow these herbs in a designated herb garden in their backyard so that they can get the most out of these herbs at anytime they want.
But did you know that these herbs could benefit your dog’s health immensely? When you add these daily herbs to your best friend’s food bowl, it not only improves his health but overall well being.
Well, there are some holistic veterinarians who’ve been bragging about these herbs since the 70s. However, people are keeping abreast of the current trends and following an eco-friendly for their dogs, so they’re stringently considering the use of every day herbs for dogs.
Are herbs really beneficial for your dog’s overall health?
You can find a plethora of fantastic herbs that are deemed to be safe for your four-legged friend. But make sure you double check with a reputable source prior to adding some of them to your pooch’s diet.
Here are some herbs you can introduce into your dog’s diet:
Parsley - One of the most important herbs for your dog, Parsley is rich in minerals. When you add it to your dog’s meal, it not only helps in digestions but maintains a good pH level -  needed for the prevention of ailments. Moreover, this herb is also wonderful when it comes to freshening your four-legged friend’s breath. Excellent for his urinary system, Parsley is more of a multi-purpose herb that will benefit your dog’s health significantly.
Fennel - Regarded as a digestive aid, Fennel is a herb which is best used when it’s made into a tea. All you need to do is pour two 2 cups of water over two teaspoons.
Thyme - Called an antispasmodic, Thyme has antibacterial uses. It’s advisable to buy Thyme oil and burn the same. This is because the vapor has been known to contain airborne fungus as well as bacteria.
Garlic - One of the most wonderful herbs for dogs, Garlic is good for maintaining good health. Being a natural antibiotic, it has antifungal and antioxidant properties.
Chamomile - Supporting digestive problems, including annoying bowel issues and flatulence, Chamomile is a herb with astringent and soothing properties. When it’s made into a tea followed by its addition to the water bowl, it can be beneficial for aging dogs that strive to sleep well at night. 
Aloe Vera - Not only is Aloe Vera a great herb for treating burns, but it also heals wounds better. You can split the leaves of this plant so that you can apply the gel to the affected area gently.
Lavender - With a relaxing and soothing effect on a man’s best friend, Lavender is a great herb that helps in reducing unreasonable oily skin. It’s good to rinse your pooch with Lavender when giving him a bath. You can even add it to his shampoo.

Final Words
Just like herbs benefit humans in a number of ways, pet owners give importance to herbs for dogs for their uses and benefits. In fact, herbs can be digested more easily by our four-legged friends when they’re chopped in the right way.

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