Hep C Risks Involved With Tattooing!!

by Anand Medicos Hepatitis C Drugs Wholesaler in Russia
Yes! Even tattoo can pass on the risks of the vulnerable disease of hepatitis C!

Many of us remain to be a fashion freak when it comes to getting inked or tattooed. Tattoos are one of the most loved fashion statements especially amongst the youngsters. You can even find people holding thousands of tattoos all around their bodies. But, do you know how vulnerable is the job of tattooing is to hepatitis C infection?

If not, you got to check the risks with this!

Unsterile equipments used for the task of tattooing leads to transmitting the HCV virus content from one body to the other. Being a highly contagious blood borne disease, the HCV virus easily gets prone to it and follows the infection in the body. Also, even though there are a number of hepatitis C drugs wholesaler selling the medicines at a very reasonable price, still the precautionary note is always on the higher side. So, it is very important to understand and keep an eye on the risks and infection areas concerned with tattoo.

How is the disease spread while tattooing?

  • Hepatitis C gets spread mainly in case of poor infection control methods being commonly used during the process.
  • In order to take a heed over the chances of infection, one should make sure to always visit only a licensed or professional tattoo parlour that have a rich experience in the field.
  • When getting a tattoo, the skin gets pierced by a needle and gradually injected with small amounts of ink. One should ensure that these needles being used for the process from where the ink is coming out must be a sterile package.
  • Also, that the tattoo artist should wear latex gloves while performing the job along
  • with sterilizing every other tattooing equipment being used in the process.

How to protect yourself against the infection during tattoo?

  1. Check if the tattoo parlour and its artist are well reputable, licensed and certified or not. This can also be justified from its review reports and years of experience.
  2. Ask about the procedures and sterilizing methods used for sterilizing their equipments and how often it is performed. Make sure this happens in a routine pattern.
  3. Check for the availability of “Autoclaves” (sterilizing machines) and make sure the needle that will be used for inking you is sterile and is removed from the autoclave bag right in front of you eyes.
  4. Artists should always wash their hands before and after wearing a new pair of latex gloves. This should be a regular habit being followed in the parlour.
  5. Items coming in direct blood contact that cannot be sterilized like- gloves, ink caps, etc. must be immediately disposed.
  6. All sorts of ink- or water-based products must be disposed immediately and not put back in the container if left half used.
  7. Surfaces cleaning and all sorts of in-house cleaning must be done with a disinfecting cleaner on a regular basis.

Even though there are a number of effective medicines used for treatment of hep C such as- Hepcinat Tablets 400mg, Sofos and ledifos combination, etc.; it is always recommended to pay special attention on its prevention.

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