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by Scott Morrison Entrepreneur
A Testimony from Kourtney Derrick!!

I am so excited I'm finally ready to write my testimony. Currently that I know of I have Fibromyalgia, Lupus and endometriosis and I'm only 28 years old. I started becoming sick shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter 3 years ago. Little did I know my life was starting to slip right through my fingers. Slowly I deteriorated being hospitalized a for a headache unexplained. The illnesses took control over my body. I had to quit working, was even unable to care for my toddler by myself and take care of my duties as a mommy and a wife. Being so young doctors would not ever give me pain meds except after surgery and told me to take Tylenol and ibuprofen. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse I became allergic to NSAIDs. I was only left with Tylenol to ease my suffering. This pain coupled with my childhood abandonment issues, ptsd from an abusive past, a the developing depression and anxiety sent me into a quick downward spiral. The doctors tried me on four different antidepressant medications which just made things worse and I became suicidaI. This is when i decided prescription drugs were not helping so I started my solo journey to slowly taper off 120 mg of Cymbalta. I had began using marijuana to ease my mental and physical pain which helped tremendously until I had to quit for financial reasons. There I was left with no way to cope, no relief to my suffering. 
With everything I had gone through in just the last 6 month I was left feeling alone helpless and hopeless doctors didn't care I had been through the suicidal system with no help in the end. I had seen hempworx cbd drops through someone on my Instagram and added them to my Facebook and there it sat for a couple of months maybe a few as I told myself over and over I couldn't afford the cost. Some days I would just cry and cry in hopelessness like a helpless child. I was losing strength to go on every day. I was added to this page and the testimonies I seen had given me a glimmer of hope but of course I was skeptical of course, it just seemed to good to be true. I would even check peoples pages to see if they were real or if they were just fake pages for Testimony purposes and they were real! So I took a chance and placed my order on payday before I was broke again lol At this point I thought what did I have to lose but my life? Let me tell you! I ordered the 750mg cbd drops with peppermint and IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE!! I have been on the drops 4 weeks now, it took a while to notice but it's been a game changer. I have noticed that even though I have been facing some extremely difficult situations I have been able to function and work through it where is before I could not. Today I was able even go outside and clean out the shed with my husband which is something I thought I would ever get to do again! My pain has gone from a daily 8 down to 2! What's amazing to is you can apply it topically to pain and it also makes it disappear my neck used to hurt so bad a couple of drops rubbed in and it was gone. It is so much easier for me to get up in the mornings with my little one, before I was so stiff and my hands hurt so bad I couldn't lift her first thing in the morning. This stuff is amazing and totally worth every penny. I don't know where I would be without it now. 
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