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Appearance is one of the common causes of frustration for people around the world. Although almost all of us do not admit it, it is a fact that our society is focused more on physical appearance. One issue that a person usually deals with is the height and most of us take too much time on finding ways to increase height.

Often, a person who doesn’t reach the ideal height experiences ridicule amongst his or her peers. Thus, most people with height problems also have low self-esteem. Most of them are not confident enough to apply for a good job or ask other people out for dates.

A person’s height is usually influenced by two different factors and these include biological and environmental factors.

Biological factors refer to a person’s genetics. These also refer to a person’s body’s ability to grow. Some people gain height faster than others because they came from tall families.

Environmental factors, on the other hand, refer to the diet and the activities of a person. Both of these factors can greatly affect a person’s growth.

When learning how to increase height, these two factors should be taken into consideration.

If you come from a family who doesn’t grow tall like other families, then the first thing that you need to do is to get a consultation from a doctor. Getting help from someone who knows is always the best way to achieve growth.

A doctor can help you choose which growth hormone is best for you and how much you need to take. There are many brands of growth hormones out in the market these days.

Some of them can help you grow, but there are also some that have no effects. Thus, going to a doctor will allow you to avoid buying non-effective growth hormones. Your doctor may also give you a list of vitamins and calcium products that you can take to get taller.

If you come from a tall family, but you just can’t seem to grow as tall as your father, brother or cousins, then chances are that the reason for your inability to grow is because of environmental factors.

Don’t be alarmed though, because if the reason for your inability to grow taller is environmental, then it will be easier for you to achieve height.

First, what you need to do is to get enough sleep. You see as Debametulam shared, sleeping can make your body grow naturally. Teenagers need to have at least 8 ½ hours of sleep per day. Adults need to sleep at least 8 hours per day.

Proper diet will also help to increase height. You may also try adding calcium into your diet. So, try drinking 3 glasses of milk every day. You should also try eating vegetables.

Third, do some exercises and play sports. Exercises regulate the flow of blood inside your body, thus allowing more tissues to develop, which will also help you grow. Playing sports like basketball, in particular is also very helpful. Not only will you be able to grow taller, you can also develop muscles and eventually make your body healthier and look more attractive.

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