Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

by Dr. Akangsha Sharma Plastic Surgeon

The nose is the central point of the face. So, an improper shape of the nose can cause self-esteem or confidence issues, and sometimes health issues. Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed surgery that aims to correct nose shape and size to suit an individual overall facial aesthetics.

Rhinoplasty surgery involves a change in the nose bone, cartilage, skin, or all the three. This surgery is done for both medical and reconstructive purposes.

Dr. Akangsha Sharma is the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur who performs rhinoplasty surgery. She has helped many patients in attaining the ideal nose shape. She holds an extensive experience of more than a decade in performing cosmetic surgeries. Rhinoplasty serves many benefits in people who experience problems of impaired breathing due to nose structural defects. Read on to know more about the health benefits of rhinoplasty surgery:

Physical health benefits of rhinoplasty: The nose is one of the essential components of the respiratory system. Some patients with small nostrils or nose, individuals who have had an accident or injury and those who have a flattened shape of the nose usually experience breathing problems. It happens because their breathing is partially restricted due to some cartilage or bone defects. This condition can be treated with rhinoplasty by addressing the narrowed nostrils that are a part of the airway opening to make the breathing process easier.

Prevention of obstructive sleep apnea: Snoring is a very common problem that is observed by many individuals. This is the main symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. In this problem, the airway becomes blocked by relaxed soft tissue at the back of the throat while the patient is sleeping. This condition is usually observed in an overweight patient, and this causes a restricted flow of air through nostrils. This condition can be treated with rhinoplasty surgery.

Dealing with sinus problems: Sinus problems are very common, and it occurs when the space behind the facial bones around the nose in the forehead and upper cheeks becomes blocked. This condition causes pressure to build, which causes pain and debilitating. Rhinoplasty makes changes to the nasal septum that help in minimizing and eliminating sinus problems.

Rhinoplasty improves emotional health: Those who think their nose does not suit their face often feel self-conscious. This may further make them limit their social interactions. Physical improvement in the facial features with rhinoplasty helps in achieving the desired nose shape. As it is said - when you look good, you feel good. The new nose that suits a person's face makes them feel more confident about themselves.

Cosmetic benefits of rhinoplasty

Increase or decrease the size of the nose.

Altering the shape or size of the nose tip.

Straightening of the nose.

Removes bump from the bridge of the nose.

Alters the shape and size of nostrils

Corrects flattened nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery is mainly performed by both techniques i.e., open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty is performed in cases where extensive work is needed to achieve desired results because it lets the surgeon get a better view of the inside of the nose.

Being one of the best female plastic surgeons in Jaipur one can trust Dr. Akangsha Sharma to provide the desired results from rhinoplasty surgery. An attractive nose helps an individual to feel confident about their look. Get in touch with her today at AK Aesthetics to avail benefits of this surgery. For more info about rhinoplasty surgery in Jaipur log on to

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