Health Benefits of Eating Sapota Fruit

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO
Sapota, commonly called sapodilla and chikoo in India, is one of the favorite fruit of many people. These oval-shaped, brown color fruits are typically grown in a tropical climate and have a very sweet taste. Chikoo is known for its unique taste but that’s not the only reason to include it in everyday life. This fruit is rich in a number of nutrients that make it a power fruit. Some of the nutrients one can find in sapodilla are proteins, dietary fibers, sodium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A, among many others. This high nutritional content makes chikoo a power fruit that has a number of health benefits. Some of the top health benefits of chikoo are:
Helps In Digestion
One of the biggest problems faced by the people who have a regular intake of junk food in this fast-paced life is improper digestion and constipation. Rich in dietary fibers, sapota fruit tends to improve the digestion and controls the bowel movement for a cleaner stomach. It has laxative properties that speed up the dissolution of food, thus aiding in digestion. 
Makes Bones Stronger
One can get sapota from fresh sapota suppliers and blend it to form sapota juice. Drinking this juice on a regular basis can cause a visible difference in the strength of bones and teeth. This fruit has a high amount of iron, calcium, and phosphorous that assist in increasing the bone density and strength as well of the bones. So, if having strong and powerful bones are your aim, including sapota in your diet should be on top of the list. 
Reduces Inflammation
Many people suffer from a number of inflammatory issues in the body or pain and aches. It is rich in a number of tannins that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. For those suffering from any type of irritable bowel, gas, oesophagitis, enteritis, or any other type of inflammatory problem should have sapota to reduce the inflammation and feel better instantly. 
Prevents Cancer
Sapota is one of those fruits whose regular intake can protect a person from getting cancer later in life. There are a number of antioxidants present in sapota fruit are beneficial in the prevention of this disease. Moreover, vitamin A and vitamin B present in fresh sapota fruit maintain the mucus lining while the dietary fibers and carcinogens in this fruit keep the colon safe from any type of cancerous problems. 
Controls Blood Pressure
Fluctuating blood pressure, either too high or too low, is a common problem seen the people’s lives. For those suffering from a high blood pressure problem, sapota has potassium which can lower the sodium level in the body. Those with hypertension should also consume sapota regularly. 
These are some of the top health benefits of eating sapota fruit. One can easily find a number of fresh sapota exporter from Tamil Nadu and different states in India to get the best quality sapota in different parts of the world. The global demand of this fruit has led to an increase in the supply and export of this fruit from fresh sapota exporters in India.

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