Health Benefits of Dairy Products on Babies and More

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant

Once your little beloved turns 6 months of age and enters the world of eating solids, you would want to be sure if you can ensure dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, cow milk, ghee, butter and more. Dairy products are loaded with calcium which is extremely important for bone development. It goes needless to mention, that you would also naturally want to introduce dairy products from the dairy products manufacturer in Gujarat to the diet that your baby follows apart from formula milk and breast milk.

When Can You Introduce Dairy Products to Your Baby’s Diet?

Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk isn’t suggested for babies below 1 year, given how they can develop allergies and suffer from both iron deficiencies and dehydration because of the same. However, you can always incorporate cow’s milk into babies above 1 year of age. Try introducing small quantities of cow’s milk to your baby’s diet every day.


Yoghurt is the best source and is packed in:

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin B12

• Calcium

• Potassium

• Fat

Fat results in brain growth followed by bone and tissue development as well. And needless to say, yoghurt is the greatest fat source. If you are thinking of serving yoghurt to your babies, then make sure to consider the whole-milk variant. Go for naturally-sweetened and plain yoghurt instead of artificially sweetened yoghurt. Once your baby reaches 8 months of age, you can start giving them yoghurt in small portions.


Pasteurised cheese or even paneer can be given to your small baby after 8 months of age. But before you introduce cheese to them, make sure that they aren’t intolerant to lactose. You can add cheese to their vegetables, meat dishes, salads and even fruits. Or you can even give them cheese stuffed inside sandwiches.

What Amount of Dairy Products Can You Give to Your Babies?

As per health researchers and experts, you can give bout 480ml of dairy products to babies between 2-3 years of age to ensure good health. That said, avoid replacing formula milk or breastmilk with dairy products.

Dairy Products and Its Health Benefits on Babies

• Dairy products are the best source of calcium and can result in healthy bones.

• Rich in B12, dairy products can also aid in a child’s cognitive development.

• Dairy products are also rich in protein which in turn is an energy source for the body and helps in tissue and organ development.

• Since your baby might not be consuming sufficient energy and calories for their growth, you can always introduce dairy to stop them from encountering fatigue and to promote their organ and joint development.

When buying dairy products for babies, make sure to choose the best dairy products manufacturer in Gujarat. Only the best manufacturers can help you with the best quality dairy products. However, before introducing dairy products to your kids, make sure to talk to your paediatrician first.

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