Having the Ultimate Platinum hair And How To Maintain Its Icy Colour

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Tutorial On Getting A Hair That Is Platinum And How To Sustain Its Icy Colour

Hairs that are platinum blonde in colour have something special that makes them appear both fabulous and casual. The hair colour which gets its inspiration from the appearance of metallic colours is currently among the most sought after beauty styles. The hair which has a hue that is white blonde is sparkling in nature and matches whatever clothes you decide to wear and makes you get every one’s attention-which means that you will be hardly be forgotten, if you decide to give your hair this colour. In as much as you want people to always remember you, in a good way; it is of great importance that the necessary steps are taking to get your hair done in the right manner.

The following clues you in on the necessary steps you can take in order to change your hair colour into platinum blonde.

The 5 Practical Tips On Changing Your Hair Colour to Platinum Blonde

This information is meant to help you get the best hue of platinum blonde for your hair, it is to be read before you go ahead and change your hair to the icy colour that is referred to as platinum blonde.

Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde Clue #1: Can’t One Colour with another Colour

If at all, you have your hair previously coloured, that colour will have to be removed completely before the platinum blonde colour is applied to your hair. The old hair colour can be removed with a remover for hair colours.

If the previous hair colour is a temporary one-it can be removed by washing your hair off with water. A coloured hair that is temporary will easy wash out after applying a small quantity of shampoo, so that you don’t require any special remover for hair colour to get rid of it.

If the previous hair colour is a Semi-permanent one, the process of removing the hair colour can be hastened by using a remover for hair colour. This remover will remove the remaining colour tones left behind by the colour that is semi-permanent (the left over colours are usually undesirable). The process to accomplish all this is just one easy step.

If the previous hair colour is a permanent one, it can be removed with a special hair colour remover that is salon-inspired. The remover takes out the previous colour from the hair regardless of how it was applied, thereby preparing the hair for the application of the platinum blonde. You must remember that your natural hair colour won’t be brought back by this hair colour, so it is advisable to have in close proximity, the bleach and blonde of your hair colour.

Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde Clue #2: You Will Need to Bleach Your Hair

Whatever the colour of your original hair is, will determine what processes and steps to take to remove the old one and get your new colour of hair. Either you are dyeing your natural black hair or re-applying to a previously blonde hair, getting a hair that is platinum blonde in colour, involves the rigorous routine of replacing the colour in each strands of hair for an all white look.

Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde Clue #3: Get Some Inspirational Guide

Working with your stylist, it is advisable that you have an image that will be a source of reference for them. A hair that is platinum blonde is straight forward to understand, but it can come in different colour shades. Bringing along a picture of the type of colour based platinum blonde for your hair stylist is always a good idea as the hair colour for this particular style ranges from bluish, icy or a hue that is ivory white. With an image to guide your stylist, they are able to give you something very close to what you want.


Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde Clue #4: Important Realities That Are Involved In The Process

Having a hair that is jet black, while thinking of dyeing it platinum blonde will really require some stages before the final result is achieved. People will require to go through steps depending on how dark their hair is; people with darker hair are expected to go through stringent steps than people with less darker hair. To prevent your hair from damaging and breaking, it is necessary to diligently go through these steps.

You can’t really be put off with the slow steps needed to get to your final hair colour as in-between you can get trendy hair colours like the ash and golden blonde colour styles.

Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde Clue #5: Taking Extra Care Of Your Hair

Apart from having a rigorous method of application, a hair that is platinum blonde also needs a lot of care and maintenance to sustain the quality of its appearance. To achieve this, you seriously need to get products of hair care like hair masks, toning shampoo as well as serum.

Information on How to Dye Your Hair Platinum Blonde

With the above information, it is safe to say that you are ready to get the hair colour of your dreams. If you are prepared to be a blonde who is the cynosure of all eyes-you need to follow these tips below!


First Step: Choose Between Doing It Yourself at Home and Visiting The Salon

If you really want to change your hair spontaneously to a hair colour of platinum blonde from your natural black hair colour, then it is advisable to have it done in the salon. That case, you won’t end up dyeing your hair midway to an unwanted colour. Then again, achieving your dream hair style, usually involves visiting the salon many times. Your professional stylist will explain the entire process for you. If you are doing your colour change in a salon then you don’t need to know the entire process. However, if you are not changing your hair colour and you want to try a simple and easy hair dye, then read through the second step.

Second Step: Get Bleach for Hair Colour

As started earlier, bleach for hair colour is indispensable if you are really dyeing your hair to a platinum-like blonde colour.

Taking Care of Hair That Is Platinum Blonde

Getting your hair to be platinum blonde can be a grueling task. Even if the hair was done by you all alone or it was done by your professional stylist, it still needs a lot of caring and sustenance to maintain its pleasant and attractive appearance. The following tips will give you an idea on how to start this new routine in caring for your hair. You will be glad you followed them.

Caring For a Platinum Blonde Coloured Hair Clue #1: Use a Hair Care Regimen Intended For Blondes

You will have to change to a hair care application that is meant for a blonde hair that is treated with colour. It cancels out the unattractive appearance when applied.

Caring For a Platinum Blonde Coloured Hair Clue #2: Including Hair Mask to Your Regimen

In order to maintain the glittering and healthy appearance for your hair, you will have to include to your routine some sort of hair mask. Strictly aimed at blondes, it removes the effect of a brassy appearance, improves the hair’s blonde colour and richly nurtures the hair.

Caring For a Platinum Blonde Coloured Hair Clue #3: Get Ready For Maintaining Your Hair Regularly

For maintenance of your blonde hair, you will have to be ready for consistent hair retouching as the hair grows out. Platinum blonde as it requires a very high level of maintenance-it needs a lot of attention. Ensure you visit your stylist subsequently or rather purchase enough colours you can use at home to maintain your new hair colour.


Caring For a Platinum Blonde Coloured Hair Clue #4: Try On Some Hairstyles That Don’t Require Heating

Are you searching for new hair styles to improve your new colour of hair? You will have to take a break from hair styles that require the use of heat. Several products that are used to condition the hair, that are used to give it its good texture and give it its shape in an instant and that are not heat intensive are readily available in the market.

And Finally....

Before you decide to embark on this platinum blonde hair journey, award-winning colourist, Rain Baxter advised that,"Before choosing to boldly go platinum blond, you need to be sure that the colour is right for you. Firstly, do you have black or dark brown hair? If so, it is going to be a lot more complicated and it's unlikely that you will get the colour you're after in just one hairdressing appointment. You should consult with your hairdresser or colourist about how many salon visits you might require to achieve your desired hair colour. For those who are naturally blond, it's not such a dramatic change and you will do less damage to your hair." This article is written by Hera Hair Beauty and for further information, please refer to the follow;


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