Handle Emergency Situations Concerning Seniors Confidently with First Aid Certification

by Christopher Bayer Founder

Accidents happen suddenly and are unavoidable most of the time especially in cases of elderly people. And senior people face high risk of injuries and illnesses such as falls, cuts, heart attacks and more. And in such emergency situations first aid and CPR can save their lives to a great extent. And hence first aid certification is a must for every one of us today.

Standard first aid and CPR skills are simple yet effective ways that can save a life in emergency situations especially when senior citizens are concerned. Although these skills are no rocket science, but it is important to understand that elderly people are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries and hence require immediate first aid assistance. And to understand some of the common first aid medical situations that the elderly people face you need to go for a proper first aid certification that will help you prepare yourself for the possible emergencies.

Let us discuss in brief what all situations may require first aid for elderly people below.

Falls – As per the reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention one out of three adults aged more than 65 fall each year due to various reasons which leads to lacerations, head injuries and fractures. The reasons include poor eyesight, weakness in lower body, physical immobility, medications or conditions causing dizziness, and problem in balancing their body.

Now if you find someone who has fallen and don’t seem to be hurt badly, you can comfort them by putting them in a comfortable position. After which you need to treat any minor bruises and bumps by elevating the injured area and applying ice pack for about 10 minutes. But if you notice any serious sign such as heavy bleeding, bruising or swelling then make sure to get them emergency medical care. And when you doubt that the victim has seriously hurt their head, neck, spine, hips or thighs then ask them not to move and call 911, the medical emergency services immediately. Keep them warm and reassure them until the medical help arrives and if you find that there is deterioration in their breathing or notice any unusual breathing pattern then perform CPR.

Cuts and Scrapes–Skin gets fragile with age and hence the risk of cuts and scrapes increases in the elderly people. And many times it is seen that these minor injuries become infected due to various chronic diseases such as diabetes or any kind of heart disease as such conditions lower the defenses against infections of their immune system causing it to become a serious issue.

In the cases of minor cuts and scrapes, you need to remove the dirt and debris from their wounds first and clean it with water. And if there is bleeding place a clean bandage or cloth on the top of it and press firmly by applying pressure and binding the area in tape. Now raise the injured area above the heart level of the person. If you observe blood seeping through the first layer of bandage then add a second layer of bandage on the top. But when you notice severe cuts and heavy bleeding get them immediate emergency medical help. Also keep a check on the signs of infection such as redness, swelling, and increase in pain or drainage from the wound. And if you find it infected see them a doctor. Also you can apply an antibiotic ointment for healing the wound to some extent.

Besides these two situations there are many such medical emergencies in case of elderly persons that need immediate first aid help that includes heat strokes, hypothermia, cardiovascular problems and more. But to handle such emergency situations you need to learn various first aid methods and techniques. For that getting a First Aid Certification can be extremely helpful.

Today First Aid Certification can be obtained easily over internet. The Online First Aid Certification offered by various authentic institutions with the help of their top notch technology and experienced faculties provide you the best first aid knowledge which you can implement in emergency situations.

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