Gymnasts: About Fashion And Safety In Gymnastics

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Gymnasts require the proper attire to be able to give their best performance. This is why the leotards, clothes for gymnastics & girls leotards, type, fabric, and style are of great importance. It should fit properly and should be as per your requirements, as a gymnast.

Thus, the purchase of leotards should not be hurried. You should pay attention to a lot of aspects before buying a leotard. Below a complete buying guide for leotards is given:

Leotard Fit Based On The Purpose:

The fitting of leotards is very important. If too tight, the gymnast will feel distracted and constricted and, if too loose, then will feel uncomfortable and, there is also the risk of the extra material getting caught in the equipment. There is competition leotard (justaucorps gym competition) and training leotard.

Competition leotard:

In case, of competition leotards, as a coach or gymnastic mom, you will want the kid to have a leotard that fits like their second skin. This way, the judges will be able to clearly see their movements.

Training Leotard:

For training, the leotards can be a bit loose, just enough for the kids to grow into it. The torso and shoulders should fit but, the buttocks area can have extra growing room.

Fabric Choice:

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to fabric options for girls and boys gymnastics clothes. People mostly decide based on their fabric preference and material that feels comfortable on their skins and body type. The most famous options are:


This fabric is neither too scratchy nor too tight. It is both but does not feel too uncomfortable. Also, there is less decoration on this fabric, which is why it is available in multiple designs and colors.

• Lycra is a popular fabric for both girls and boys leotards because it is not tight and extremely stretchy. But not used for competition leotards as the material fails to hold decorations like foils, rhinestones, and appliqués.

• Velvet fabric: it was one of the most used leotard fabrics back in the late 80s and 90s. Even now, it is not completely out of the market because the leotards made of velvet are quite comfortable. The only issue is that it gets very hot, and the girls will easily break into a sweat.

• Metallic fabric: it is famous because of its flashiness. It is quite a good choice for competition. But many find it uncomfortable because it usually is too tight without any stretchiness.

Choosing The Size

Choosing the right leotard largely depends on finding the right size. Most coaches say that to find the best girls leotard gymnastic costume, the girth measurement, commonly known as torso measurement, is enough. But in actuality, you need to know the girth, waist, chest, inseam, and hip measurements for a perfectly fitted leotard.

And when buying online, make sure to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and match the gymnasts’ measurements with it.

Back Styles

Just like fabric choices, there are also plenty of back styles for leotards. The choice is mostly based on preferences because the difference between the varieties is very subtle. With girls, they just need to concern themselves with the type of undergarment they will wear underneath the leotard. The most famous leotard back styles are tank, key-hole, racer, wide open, and cami straps.

Sleeve Types

Unlike back styles, the sleeve styles do have an impact on the performance. Generally, there are just three types of sleeve styles long sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, and sleeveless (tank top style).

• Long sleeve- it is the best option for winter season events and competitions.

• Three-quarter sleeve- again good for cold weather and is also idle for competition. It has the benefits of both short and long sleeves.

• Sleeveless- not the best choice for competitions also for cold weather. It is good for training, especially for younger girls and boys. It does not collect sweat.

Having the proper knowledge about leotards will help you and your gymnasts to choose the right leotard. If you are not comfortable with buying, you can also get custom leotards. Now that you possess all this information, you can successfully purchase a leotard that meets your preference, needs and is comfortable.

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