Guided Galápagos Island Safari Tours: Eco-Travel Itinerary & Things to See

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The notion of a tropical getaway in the middle of winter sounds enticing enough, but what if you were to visit a hub of biodiversity and natural wonders? We’re talking sustainable and educational eco-tours in the Galápagos Islands - the ultimate combination of relaxation and environmental stewardship! And it’s actually easier to achieve than you think. Just check out Ever Wonder Adventure’s latest travel guide to read about what you can look forward to on your trip!

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Science and Nature Intertwined

Did you know? The Galápagos Islands aren’t just a wilderness sanctuary; they’re the site of groundbreaking scientific discoveries. In 1835, naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin (yes, that Charles Darwin) visited the island chain and developed his theory of evolution based on his observations of bird and reptile speciation across individual islands. 

Other modern-day explorers, such as David Attenborough, have also taken a keen interest in the archipelago, having raised a significant amount of global awareness about its conservation needs. And by visiting the islands yourself, you could very well set foot in one of the places Sir Attenborough recorded his famous documentaries!

A Geographic Marvel

Of course, retracing the footsteps of the luminaries is only part of the charm. Due to the circumstances behind the Galápagos Islands’ formation and the resulting geographic isolation of endemic species (which is geek speak for “different environments lead to different evolutionary adaptations”), you’ll be able to observe a uniquely biodiverse location with rare animals such as giant Galápagos tortoises, native mockingbirds, marine iguanas, and Galápagos penguins. Yes, even penguins love these islands!

You can also explore a variety of landscapes, including beaches, rocky outcrops shaped by volcanic activity, and underwater environments. The Galápagos Islands have everything you could possibly want from a tropical getaway. The difference here is that you won’t be surrounded by other people - just natural beauty as far as the eye can see. (Honestly, that’s a lot better in many cases…)

For the best experience, Ever Wonder Adventure recommends visiting the islands in the months of December and January because of ideal weather conditions, good underwater visibility, and heightened animal activity. January is almost over, so if you want to visit the archipelago during prime time, you’d better get booking!

A Well-Planned Itinerary

If geography wasn’t your best subject, just know that you can easily visit the Galápagos Islands from Ecuador, as most major cities have direct flights to the country. 

Ever Wonder Adventure suggests starting with the Casa Gangotena boutique hotel in Quito before progressing to the Galápagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz Island. During your visit, you can also consider staying at the Pikaia Lodge, a luxury eco-lodge built within a tortoise reserve. Relax, enjoy the five-star food and accommodations, participate in sustainable tourist activities, and educate yourself on oceanic conservation - now that’s productive!

As you can see, a trip like this would be well worth your while. You’ll be getting a lot more out of it than just a break from your normal routine!

About Ever Wonder Adventure

Ever Wonder Adventure was founded with the goal of educating readers about the impact of human activity on nature. The company strongly believes in the importance of environmental stewardship and encourages readers to explore natural landscapes through the eco-friendly travel options it provides on its website.

And they’re doing all of this for free! Free information is a commodity these days! But they do need some money to keep their operations going, so if you want to support them, consider purchasing their Galápagos merchandise. Not only is it discounted for a limited time, but your money will be going toward an amazing cause!

Visit!/Galapagos-Wonders-Unveiled-Evolutionary-Odyssey/c/162222751 to get started!

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