Green Ideas That Every Eco-friendly Hotel in Pune Implements

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In today’s world, sustainability is not limited to homes. People who swear by a sustainable lifestyle don’t follow it in their homes but outside too. Their lifestyle choices reflect on everything right from what they shop for to how they travel. The green choices made by the eco-conscious travellers have made it important for the hotels to implement eco-friendly practices. Several hotels in Pune have converted their properties into sustainable properties and lot many are working on the same. In this piece of information, we have thrown some light on the green ideas that every eco-friendly hotel in Pune implements.

Here they are:

  • Water conservation

Conserving water is the biggest concern of every eco-friendly hotel in Pune. These hotels have adopted various measures to save water as much as possible. It is because water is a limited energy source. If not used properly, our future generations may not see any trace of water in the coming years.

To conserve water, these hotels use low-flow showerheads, sink aerators, as well as toilets. An easy step, as easy as changing the bathroom fittings works tremendously in favour of nature. Gallons of water is saved every year due to this simple measure. Apart from this, the hotels reuse water whenever possible. Water from laundry and kitchen goes into watering the garden or mopping the floor.

Many Pune hotels have rainwater harvesting systems that work wonders for water conservation.

  • Energy conservation

The green hotels in Pune are very diligent when it comes to energy conservation. They despise the waste of energy and this shows in the measures they take to conserve it.

A green hotel in Pune always uses LED lights instead of energy-consuming old-world light bulbs. These lights bring down the electricity use by leaps and bounds and also save a lot of money due to their extensive shelf-life. The common areas of a sustainable hotel have skylights. The use of natural light during the day arrests wastage of energy.

Green hotels also use energy-saving equipment in their guest bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as kitchens. Energy-saving washing machines, refrigerator, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc, are used instead of regular appliances. Many Pune hotels use solar water heating systems and solar lights.

  • Eco-friendly housekeeping

For a hotel to be green, it mustn’t just focus on green amenities and facilities, but on green services too. The eco-friendly hotels in Pune provide many green services to the eco-conscious guests including eco-friendly housekeeping.

These hotels use green, toxic-free cleaning products as conventional cleaning products pose a threat to the environment. The bio-based cleaning agents efficiently clean the hotel without casting ill effects on nature.

  • No plastic

There is no doubt about the fact that plastic is the biggest pollutant of nature. The green hotels in Pune ditch disposables for reusable packaging. There are several eco-friendly hotels in Pune that use organic toiletries in recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Some hotels provide bulk toiletries in every room to limit the use of plastic.

Several eco-friendly hotels have swapped the paper and plastic cups by the reusable glass or ceramics mugs and glasses.

  • Reusing linen

Many hotels are adopting the linen reuse programs whereby the guests are given with the option of reusing their bed and bath linen to save water and energy. Many guests that live a sustainable lifestyle don’t shy away from reusing their towels and napkins. This saves a lot of water that otherwise goes into cleaning the sheets. Plus, the earth doesn’t have to bear the harsh detergents that seep into the soil and water bodies with wastewater. Due to less use of washing machines and electric dryers, energy is also saved.

  • Going local

An eco-friendly hotel in Pune always sources food from the local market. Seasonal and organic food is served to the guests to encourage them to eat healthy and organic. Going local doesn’t just help the hotels to stay close to their call but it also helps the local community and introduces the guests to the local culture.

  • Composting

Another measure implemented by the eco-friendly hotels in Pune is composting the food waste. This diverts all the waste from the landfills. Pune hotels compost all the organic waste. This reduces the harmful impact on the environment.

There are many other eco-friendly measures adopted by the green Pune hotels. Whenever you travel to Pune and look for a good hotel, make sure you book your stay in an eco-friendly hotel in Pune and do your bit for the environment. Even a small step in saving the environment can garner big result.

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