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How I decided to go to school at 35

No, it’s not to pick my baby cousin up from ballet class.



“What can you be after you study that?” Ma asked as she refilled my bowl of chicken herbal soup, with chopped scallions creeping up the parameters.


I take up the report card, and close it again.


Maybe notnow, I thought to myself. Physics can go first, and then A math. I mean, I can always do things like art on the sideline, right?


How many of us, Singaporeans in particular, have made decisions based on scenarios like the one above?


Fast forward that to 2017 today. Have we pursued what sparked within us at the very beginning?



I had some time to spare last weekend so I did something that I haven’t done in a while. Planting myself in a cosy cafe, I took out a notebook and began to journal. The idea of going (back) to school has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I feel like day-to-day routines just don’t cut it for me anymore.


I decided to go back to school. Here’s how I came to my decision:



1. It breaks my overly-computerised routine


Work. Home. Work. Home. Repeat. The day often passes slow but the week fast. Before I know it, it’s Sunday and I only have six hours before work the next morning. Work can be so numbing as we all know it, and sometimes I feel like I am just part of the factory production line.


Life becomes automated- even for my choices at the cai fan stall every lunch break. I say the same-old interesting things, complaining about the same clients every time I meet up with my long-time-no-see friends.

I save up for short trips on budget airlines, and kept my eyes peeled for that getaway every time things get tough.



The sad thing about this is that I feel the same after I came back from the supposed-to-be wondrous overseas trip, and the cycle to save up for the next trip repeats.


2.    It breathes a new rhythm


It dawned on me that everything will stay the same unless I make a conscious choice for something to change. I can choose

to break that robotic pace, cause I know that life is bigger and much more than that.



Many of us are subconsciously seeking for a new momentum in our lives. I knew that I was looking for a flow where life doesn’t just pass me by, because I can consciously take charge and steer it to the direction I want it to go.


I thought of my secondary school CCA (band anyone?), checked out zumba classes on Fave and thought about trying out a stimulating course; perhaps a photography or graphic design diploma from


I thought about the interests I never pursued. The best time might very well be now, right?




3.   It is a space for me to think for myself again


Amongst many things, I feel that going to school helps me to think for myself. My time will be focused on thinking, exploring and understanding things for my own knowledge. Not money, not housing loans, not monthly targets. In the age of information overload today, I don’t want to just read information passively and let them sweep over my head. It has been too long since I had the chance to digest and try my ideas outfor myself.


More than reddit, news subscriptions or youtube tutorials on a tablet screen, having an actual classroom to learn is great for me to have my own space again.

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