Gold jewelery worn across India.

by Nirali Jain Suddh News
There is a diversity and cultural heritage and traditions in India, but here it is often shown to different people wearing different types of costumes and ornaments. Traditional clothes are worn in religious, cultural and social ceremonies, and in all these, jewelery of gold is used in very diverse. Here we are seeing how pictures of different types of jewelery are worn, which are worn in our country's various boundaries and cultural types.


This state which is famous for its tea gardens, festivals, songs and dance, has a lovely tradition of gold necklace in Assam. In Assamese ornaments, there is inspiration from the nature, animal and wild life besides musical instruments. Gamkaru is a type of cloth that is gold polished and beautiful flowers are designed. Ethics is a drum-shaped necklace that was worn by men first but now women wear it too.

Uttar Pradesh

Dice (demand vaccine), a head-worn jewellery that is worn in Uttar Pradesh, it is necessary to have this jewelery at the time of marriage. It is made in a variety of ways. Demand Tega is made from simple pendant even in different types of chandeliers. It is necessary for a bride and it is made in such a way that it can keep six chakras in control and its place is placed on our third eye or spiritual power as is believed in Hindu religion thought . Some brides keep it in the middle of their frontal meaning that they are capable of controlling their sensitivities on the strength of their concentration.


Bihar is known for its Bhagalpuri silk saris, the traditions of Bihar's traditional ornaments are also excellent. Here the manger which is made with a golden or golden layer which looks like a wrapped thick necklace on the throat. Dokara is known for making the better design of tribal clowns. Along with this, the waistband is worn around the waist, better designs are made from chains and bells.

Jammu and Kashmir

Even on the magical land of Jammu and Kashmir traditional hobbies are special for pre-vocal beauty. Deojor is a traditional ear-worn jewel which is worn by the bride at the time of her marriage. This bride's jewelery is similar to the gold earrings and has thin gold threads which are spread over the ear.

Tamil Nadu

The Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu is made with silk saris as it is decorated with the beauty of the traditional temple ornaments. It is taken into account that such ornaments are offered to the Goddesses in temples. Ottomanum is a golden waistband in which the goddess Lakshmi is commonly mentioned. Pulku is a fragile gold thread that is worn in a central form.and the grooms mens bracelt is looking perfect man.

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