Glass Smoking Pipe vs Smoking Wraps - Your Choice?

by John Fush Smoking products & accessories dealers
Smoking is probably one of the few things that different people like to do in different ways, and there have been long-lasting arguments regarding this topic. To a few, there can be nothing better than rolled cigarettes; and another set of people swear by glass pipes. Options to buy glass smoking pipe and smoking wraps wholesale are available online for both. Having said so, there are quite a few pros and cons of both the preferences. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Pipes and Smoking Wraps
First off, rolled cigarettes would need more tobacco to fill in the entire wrap tightly, whereas a glass pipe can give you long-lasting smoke in a small quantity. Now, since this one basic is set away, let’s get into more details. 
1. The Enhanced Flavor : Smoking from a rolled cigarette lets you enjoy the flavour of the tobacco more than smoking from a glass pipe. This happens because when you are smoking from a pipe, there are no left-over ashes from the past smoke sessions and thus, no more added flavours that might taste sour when you inhale. 

2. The Slow Burn : The best part of smoking wraps is that they burn slowly, giving you enough time to enjoy every single bit of the experience. To regular smokers, the entire process of rolling those cigarettes one by one is a “ritual” that can help them concentrate and calm down. Glass pipes, on the other hand, are perfect for the one-time sudden hit of tobacco. 

3. The Big Hit : This has been a subject worth debating. Some people exclaim they love the big hit that they get from smoking rolled cigarettes, and others beg to differ. The truth is that the hit depends a lot on the type of wrap or pipe you are using. If you buy glass smoking pipes and smoking wraps wholesale online, ensure you choose well. Those who love your tobacco rolled can go for something like the RAW classic king size supreme natural unrefined rolling papers and for those who are more into glass pipes, a middle green clear glass bowl can just do the trick.

4. The High Experience : Avid smokers claim that the high they get from either of them is unique, but they lack any evidence to prove what they say. A glass smoking pipe or a water pipe would filter out much of the toxicity before it reaches you, and when smoking a rolled cigarette, you will be able to taste every bit of the tobacco. 
At the end of the entire debate, no matter which medium you would like to use for smoking, it always ends at the pleasure and the high you derive from it. Companies like SmokeWrap, a West Sacramento CA-based online retailer, is a place from where you will be able to buy glass smoking pipes and smoking wraps wholesale and still get to choose between the unlimited number of styles and designs. 
Conclusion: The best part of SmokeWrap comes from the fact that they provide 100% genuine products that are sourced directly from the makers. All you have to do is visit the website and scroll through the collection and order. A separate e-mail would also get you tobacco delivered to your doorstep. Get in touch with SmokeWrap to know more.

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