Getting Involved in the Kitesurfing Lifestyle through Kitesurfing Lessons

by Riko Phangan Kitesurfing koh phangan

In the world, one of the most popular extreme sports activities is Kitesurfing. It has become very popular widely. To enable them to travel the world, it is brought on by windsurfers wanting more transportable equipment.

To bring you into the kitesurf lifestyle, Kitesurf in Thailand enables you to join the ever-growing community and brings you, freedom, excitement, adrenalin!

So why not become a part of this amazing sport and learn today!

Significance of lessons

Enabling you to get the first taste of it, Kitesurfing is a great sport and then you will never go back! Imagine using nothing but the power of wind you are freely gliding across the water! As compared to other extreme sports, it makes it less hassle and a lot more transportable due to kites that pack away small and the small board size.

You should not be the one at the beach who points at the kites saying wow that looks cool! Rather you must be the one looking at whom, the viewers will say wow he/she looks like there having fun!

To get into the sport, Taking lessons is a must. If do not know about the sport, Kitesurfing can be extremely dangerous. To people who don't take lessons, most accidents happen.

Period it takes to learn

Typically in 6 - 8 hours, kitesurfing can be learned at Kite school in Thailand. On the background and ability you have, this all depends. Some people may take shorter and others a lot longer. In 6 hours people can usually get the first feel of the power of the kite with a board and get onto their first water starts.

What is the perfect way to learn?

Various ways of teaching and different methods are there in a lot of schools. Private 1 on 1 lesson is the best way to learn. You are enabled to have an instructor the whole time teaching you. Being as effective as 1 on 1 lesson, this works as a buddy structure where you learn off each other’s mistakes.

Giving private 1 on 1 lesson at a great price, a school which teaches in this way is Hooked-on.

With limited equipment, Kite school in Thailand teaches in large groups. For example, you are effetely only flying the kite for a ¼ of the time schools can teach with 1 instructor, 1 kite and 4 students. Due to the lack of time with the kite, you will get frustrated although you will learn off others mistakes.

Kitesurfing takes me here

Wherever you want it to, Kitesurfing takes you. Around the worlds that experience that special kitesurfing lifestyle, you will join the ever-growing community of kite. Showing off your kitesurfing skills, you will travel the world and by the way, you smoothly glide across the water, have many people fascinated!

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