Get Virgo Sardonyx & Peridot Birthstone Bracelets & Rings From This Online Shop

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Get Virgo Sardonyx & Peridot Birthstone Bracelets & Rings From This Online Shop

Looking for the perfect birthstone to complement your Virgo star sign? Check out Bliss Crystals!

Were you born between August the 23rd and the 22nd of September? Bliss Crystals offers you a beguiling collection of stones and accessories to support the astrological makeup and personal characteristics of Virgos. The store also educates you on why certain crystals and gemstones are said to resonate with your zodiac sign.

The online shop boasts a large collection of natural minerals - sourced, hand-cut, polished, and professionally prepared for the designer jewelry and collectors' market. The Bliss Crystals team brings extensive knowledge of the characteristics of rocks and minerals, turning a passion for gemstones into a unique and successful business.

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According to Britannica, the zodiac signs and their corresponding symbols first appear in Greek manuscripts of the middle ages. In astronomy and astrology, the zodiac refers to a cosmological belt that extends 9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic - the plane of the earth's orbit and the sun's annual path.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, represented by the symbol of the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, marking the start of the harvest season. As a result, those born during this period are said to be concerned with processes that yield results, often exhibiting perfectionist tendencies. Does this sound like you?

Birthstones such as Sardonyx can aid Virgos in their search for meaning and help counterbalance their obsessive qualities while maintaining stable and healthy relationships. Other luminous crystals such as Sodalite are said to unlock self-awareness, build inner strength, and support rational thought. You can order all of these plus gemstones such as Peridot, Amethyst, Amber, Sugilite, and Blue Topaz from the Bliss Crystals store.

Among the accessories on offer are a Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Peridot 6 mm beaded stretch bracelet and a seven-inch Chakra Gem Chip bracelet made with Amethyst, Iolite, Quartz, and Peridot. You will also find Peridot and sterling silver stackable rings, a Dark Amethyst pendant, and many other handcrafted pieces.

About Bliss Crystals

The company is led by founder Jan Matthews who has been educating her customers on the practical applications of gemstones since Bliss Crystals' inception in 2010. The physical store was opened in 2018, selling lovingly-polished birthstones, bracelets, rings, chips, and pendants.

A spokesperson says, “Virgo is the Soul of Caregiving for humankind and the planet. These are the busy beings who are industrious, efficient, detail-oriented, intelligent problem solvers, pragmatic and virtuous. These crystals can be used to support their service orientation and temper their perfectionist tendencies, obsession with health, and overly critical mindset.”

Bliss Crystals affirms its reputation as an extensive source of knowledge and birthstone accessories for astrology acolytes throughout Southern California and beyond. Visit the store today or check out the webshop and find a new resonance with the universe.

For the most beautiful birthstones, you need Bliss Crystals!

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