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A portable or floor standing air conditioner is referred as a self-contained portable system that is used to cool down an enclosed space like a room. These air conditioning systems can easily be placed anywhere. They come with an easy to use installation kit. The best part of these units is their portability which makes them a perfect alternative to window and split air conditioners.

When it comes to install a floor standing AC, things are quite easy. Anyone with little technical knowledge can choose to get this job done feasibly. As all portable ACs throw out hot air and moisture as they cool, the air needs to be drained outside the room--typically outside through an in-built window kit. Window kits contain a window slider and exhaust hose(s), which can easily be placed to throw out warm air in outside environment. A few models can also be vented into a drop ceiling or through a wall. Once you set up the exhaust hose and window kit, you can simply plug in your AC and start cooling!

The treatment of condensate water in a floor standing air conditioner

It is quite clear that portable air conditioners eliminate warm air through a window kit. Let’s look how these air conditioning units deal with condensate water.

·        Fully Self-Evaporative Models: Next-generation portable ACs automatically evaporate moisture out the exhaust hose along with warm air. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the elimination of condensate water. These are many models available in the market that guarantee unremitting and hassle-free operation.

·        Gravity Drain and Condensate Pump: Another popular way to eliminate accumulated moisture is to fix a drain hose, which select models come include with purchase. Just fix the hose to the drain port and make way for water towards a drain or another location. A majority of models are also designed to use condensate pump accessories, which help pump the drained water through a hose to drain out of a window.

·       Manual Removal: Regular floor standing air conditioners come with buckets that need to be emptied at various intervals--from every 8 hours to just once a month. Depending on your humidity and usage, water will amass inside the machine and you'll just have to turn it off, drain the bucket, and then replace it to restart the unit.

With so many models and brands available to choose from, it is necessary to do a thorough market research and pick the one that perfectly matches to your cooling requirements and budget.

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