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We already know that not all dinosaurs have the same height, weight, and agility. The skeleton and body had to match the state because each had different functions and characteristics, which create a difference between the skeletons of different dinosaurs. Some of these differences are very obvious, while others are probably less obvious.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton (T-Rex)

This great predator is considered the king of dinosaurs. T-Rex is said to be the most dangerous of all dinosaurs, but according to the ranking of the most dangerous dinosaurs, it is in the 3rd or 4th position. That said, this magnificent dinosaur has been praised, and no wonder.

Features of T-Rex Skeleton

• The skull of the T-Rex is large and can have a larger brain than any other predator of its time. That's why he really made him dangerous when hunting. It is the largest skull ever found, i.e., 1.50 meters long. Still, there is a series of openings into which the facial muscles are inserted, which reduces the skull's weight.

• It is about 20 cm long, has strong, sharp fangs with an inwardly curved shape, and is placed on the jaw that can exert a force of about 3000 kg (for the sake of imagination, I will introduce it as an example that can be easily passed through).

• Another feature of the T-Rex skeleton is its two upper limbs.

• The T-Rex posture is like a scale as if lying on the ground or parallel to the head and torso, as opposed to being normally presented in an upright or standing position.

• The tail consisted of approximately 40 vertebrae, and the entire set was supported and held by strong hind legs.

• The hind legs that must be logically sturdy to support the full weight of this giant. Therefore, their long bones fused together, thus relieving the force generated from the legs' footprints to the rest of the body.

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Triceratops skeleton

Triceratops, unlike T-Rex, seems to us cute and adorable. It's a herbivorous dinosaur, but it's not very dangerous. Taking the most famous Cretaceous triceratops as an example, it is 7-9 meters long and about 3 meters high. And it is one of the largest herbivores of its time, weighing 6 to 12 tonnes. Along with T-Rex, it is the most well-known dinosaur. Now let's learn a little more about him and find out what his skeleton looks like.

It has a huge head with three horns, so it got its name from Greek. There is also a rough bone that emerges from the upper back of the head, which helps protect the predator from bites when it is trying to attack that part of the body. The shape of this dinosaur's head resembles a giant triangle, with the widest frills on the back, ending in a beak-shaped mouth. The parrot's jaw consisted of a tooth column that was perfectly designed to crush the leaves, with continuous dentition or replacement. They had a whopping 432 to 800 teeth (depending on size), arranged in rows of 36 to 40 teeth on either side of the jaw, and the number of teeth used for cutting. Do you still think it's cute?

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