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A psychiatrist is a doctor who specialises in the branch of medicine called a psychiatrist, who diagnose and treat people suffering mental disorders, behaviour disorders and emotional disturbance. They help in curing mental illness such as insomnia, children therapy, depression, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, stress and many more. Psychiatrist helps people with mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and addiction. Is there a psychiatrist near me ? People ask this question while looking for online psychiatrist help. People can also avail for online depression counselling.

1.    Stress

Many people all over the world experience it. Stress is an emotional reaction to some event that can make people feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Stress is your body reaction to the situation or circumstances happening in your life. It is basically a regular part of everyone’s life that can get the work done before the deadline. But too much stress over some problem can be harmful to your health. It can lead to cardiac issues and increase in blood pressure. Stress relieves therapy given by psychiatrists to balance your stress so that you can lead a healthy life. 

2.    Anxiety

The result of too much stress can lead to anxiety. It is the feeling afraid or apprehensive on what will happen next. For example, delivering a speech in front of everyone may cause you to feel afraid and nervous. It’s normal to feel anxiety, but when the feeling of fear is always with you, then it is called anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety will stop you from enjoying your life. So don’t delay your treatment. 

3.    Phobia

Phobia is an excessive fear of something which is irrational. You can are phobic of something you will fear a sense of fear or panic when you come face to face with your source of fear. This fear can of a particular place, object or a situation. Many people have phobia of confined and dark places, height, water, fire and so on. It restricts you to from doing essential works. You can get help in order to treat your phobia. 

4.    Sleeping disorder

It is commonly known as sleep disorder which includes sleep apnea (breathing stop during sleep), hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness at inappropriate times), cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone while awake), and insomnia (disruption of sleep cycle or not able to sleep), night terror, sleepwalking, and so on. This disrupts normal life of the people and people are unable to lead a normal life. To combat such issues psychiatrist provide treatment for sleep without medicines. 

5.    Suicidal behaviour

It is the most severe mental illness that includes a significant form of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, and so on. All the other negative things pave the way to kill themselves. In order to save one's life, it is necessary to get medical help on time. People with suicidal tendencies can be treated with doctors’ help taken at the right time. The appointment with the doctor can save a life. 

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