Gallene Sciences: a new player on the generic medicine field

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Gallene Sciences is a relatively new player on the generic medicine field in India, succeeding in a short interval to gain a great position on the market. The company’s mission is helping people in various areas and from various backgrounds have easier access to medicine and medical supplies, empowering them to live longer and happier lives. The company’s core values are transparency, integrity and ethical steps for providing better access to healthcare, medicine and assistance.  

One of the leading companies in the industry, Gallene Sciences is leading cutting-edge research for developing new medical products, research based on both humans and animals. By collaborating with other entities in the medical field, the company aims to deliver affordable and effective products designed to increase life expectancy and the quality of life of thousands and millions of individuals. Investing enormously in the quality and safety of the pharmaceuticals developed, the company is basing their progress on clinical research and trials. Always aiming to improve their products, the company puts continuous efforts in finding new and interesting collaborations and partnerships. With more than three decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Gallene Sciences is a leading voice in terms of development, research and market needs.

The products developed by the company are appropriate for various diseases, some of the most dangerous diseases of the century. For instance, the incredible research team working for the pharmaceutical company developed over the years, treatments suitable for hypertension, HIV-AIDS, hormone imbalance, oncology matters, men’s healthcare issues, as well as pharmaceuticals designed for animal use.

One of the rising diseases of the decade is hypertension, and the company succeeded to develop and deliver effective solutions for combating it. With concerning global statistics regarding hypertension-related deaths, especially located in poor and under-developed areas of the globe, Gallene Sciences aims to designs affordable generic anti-hypertension pharmaceuticals, make those accessible to an increased number of individuals from different socio economic backgrounds.

Also with a more recurrence amongst individuals in poor and underdeveloped countries, and with fewer treatment chances, HIV-AIDS infections are yet another leading death cause. Access to proper therapeutic interventions and treatments in these areas is oftentimes limited, and this requires for accessible medicine development and procedures. Requirement, which luckily, is met with success by the products developed by Gallene Sciences. The products developed by the company are easy to use, recognized internationally for their HIV-AIDS treatment properties and their accessibility to various categories of individuals.

Hormone imbalance leads oftentimes to a series of grave conditions. Acknowledging that many individuals lack the education in terms the importance of hormones, Gallene Sciences succeeded to developed accessible pharmaceuticals designed to correct these imbalances. Unlike other expensive medicine that is claiming to help patients, but comes at high prices, this pharmaceutical company is choosing to adhere to its value and develop generic medicine, make it accessible to a larger audience and stick to an ethical procedure in the process of developing those.

Available on the manufacturer’s and retailer’s website, interested clients will find more about the company’s motivations for developing accessible and affordable generic pharmaceuticals, as well as more about their collaborations and research initiatives. The platform can be accessed at, or by using the contact details below:

Contact Name: Vivek Narendrakumar Mapara
Company Name: Gallene Sciences
Exact address: Gallene Sciences PVT. LTD.9,
Suramya Complex Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380061, India"

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