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Future Generali India Life Insurance Company is an insurance firm undertaken by Generali Group of Italy and Future Group of India. The company has launched Future Generali India Life Insurance as a ULIP product for helping people to achieve their financial goals.

Future Group is a well-known business enterprise all over the country with a strong presence in 95 cities. Generali Group is entitled to be one of the fifty largest companies in the world having 180 years of rich experience. The joint venture of both groups has resulted in Future Generali India Life Insurance India which offers a myriad of unit linked insurance products to general retirement plans.

Future Generali ULIP Plans at Your Service

Future Generali Life Insurance has declared that 80% of the funds have brilliantly surpassed the benchmarks. The prime goal here is to improve and protect the investors’ lives following a holistic approach in the insurance sector. There are group plan products, children products, protection plan and a traditional saving plan. However, the ULIP plan, namely, Future Generali NAV Insure plan strikes out to be unique and excellent in its way.

Know about Future Generali NAV Insure Plan

Future Generali India Life Insurance is the first one to launch a unit linked insurance plan after the conflict between IRDA and SEBI. The blend of insurance and mutual funds assures the highest net asset value registered per day basis in the first 7 years of the NAV or policy during maturity. The minimum single premium amount ranges Rs. 2,00,000 and the minimum amount for yearly premium for finite premium payment are around Rs. 39,960.

Salient Features of NAV Plan

Acting as a protection shield for taking care of downsides during the market volatility, Future Generali India Life Insurance NAV plan is beneficial for every person. During the poor market condition, Future Generali India Life Insurance is a wise option for making sure that benefits are on your side always.


     Future Generali India Life Insurance offers this ULIP plan to act as insurance cum investment product. It offers financial protection to the investor’s family and provides the person with positive market returns along with safeguarding investments.

     Through the provision of the flexi plan, premium payment term, an extension of life cover, premium amount and frequency of premium is decided as per your convenience.

     Future Generali India Life Insurance NAV has 4% policy admin cost and 4.25% premium allocation cost for Rs. 25,000 every normal regular premium during the initial years.

     During the period of the first 7 years, the highest regular NAV amounts are guaranteed to be paid.


The plan does not offer any loan and partial withdrawal. The policyholder can surrender the insurance product any time and there will be a certain amount of discontinuance charge will be levied. However, the amount of discontinuance charges goes down after completing fifth year.

Benefits to know about  

Future Generali India Life Insurance has gained much fame in the recent time due to the ample benefits.

Loyalty Additions in this ULIP Plan

In the NAV plan of Future Generali India Life Insurance, the loyalty benefits are present under the single premium policy. 3% of fund value is planned during the last moment of the 6th policy year. Therefore, Future Generali India Life Insurance details refer to the loyalty additions as an integral component of fund value being present to the customer at the event of demise or maturity of the policy.

Maturity Benefits

For the maturity, the guaranteed NAV of fund value is calculated depending on the net amount. Here the fund value of the net asset value of guarantee fund is measured according to the NAV which is more than NAV during the period of maturity. Additionally, the assured maturity net asset value is also considered.

Death Benefit of this NAV Plan

According to Future Generali India Life Insurance review, at the unfortunate death of the policyholder, sum assured along with fund value is paid out. However, it is subjected to 105% of the entire total premium amount which is already paid until now. During the time of revival, the similar amount is payable if the insured passes away.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if the proposer dies before insured, the plan is not liable to pay any benefit. In this case, a new proposer can take the place of the deceased one. If there is no proposer, the policy proceeds will be carried out according to the legal framework of succession. For the discontinuance policy, the policy proceeds are paid according to non forfeiture clause.

Understand the Charges of the NAV Insure Plan

When you are getting the Future Generali India Life Insurance quotes, you should get full knowledge of the policy charges that you may have to annually or quarterly.

Fund Management Charge of Future Generali India Life Insurance

After validating Future Generali India Life Insurance policy status, you will have to pay the fund management charge. The amount is charge during the calculation of net asset value and it is done every day. For the NAV guarantee fund, 1.25% per annum is decided and the charge is a percentage of fund value assets which will be managed towards NAV.

The fund management cost is deducted per day on the basis at 1/365th of yearly cost in fixing the unit charge. Due to specific approval or provisions, the plan can change the charges.

Policy Administration Charges

For single premium policy, Rs. 4,000 is deducted in the first year. From the second year onwards, the insurance product will not cost you anything. For Rs. 100,000 regular premium, during the first year, 2.52% is charged and from the second year, 1.68% is charged for this investment cum insurance product.

For Year 1 of the regular premium ranging Rs. 25,000, the 4.0% is charged. However, from the second year, the deduction is cut down to 3.5%.

Discontinuance Charge for the Policy

Future Generali India Life Insurance traditional plans deduct a certain amount of money for discontinuing in the first four years of beginning the policy. Following is the list of discontinuance charges for regular premium Rs. 25, 0000,

     Year 1 - 20% of fund value

     Year 2 - 15% of fund value

     Year 3 - 10% fund value

     Year 4 -  5% of fund value

Following are the charges applied for the discontinuance of regular premium for Rs. 100,000 of the NAV plan,

     Year 1 - 6% of yearly premium

     Year 2 - 4% of yearly premium

     Year 3 - 3% of yearly premium

     Year 4 - 2% of yearly premium

As per the Future Generali India Life Insurance policy details, there are no discontinuance charges applied for the single premium policies.

Premium Allocation Charges for Future Generali India Life Insurance

For this ULIP plan, the premium allocation cost is deducted from the amount of premium during the Future Generali India Life Insurance online payment. The leftover premium is used for the purchasing units in an investment fund of Future Generali India Life Insurance.

Regular Premium

During the first year, for Rs. 25,000, 4.25% is deducted. After the second year to the fifth year, for the same policy, 3% is deducted. And after the sixth year, only 2% is charged.

For the regular premium for Rs. 100,000, during the first year, Rs. 7.5% is charged. Then for the second year to the fifth year, 5% is charged. Now after the sixth year, the unit linked insurance plan only charges 2%.

Single Premium

In this ULIP, for the premium payment of Rs. 1,00,000 and above, the premium allocation charge is only 5%.

Apart from these charges, the plan poses insurance charges for different age groups. A 25-year old person may have to spend 1.14% or a 55-year old person may have to pay 9.05%. The miscellaneous charges are applied for the changes in the insurance contract. It is only levied during the alteration and is equivalent to Rs. 250 for each change.

Net Asset Value of Future Generali India Life Insurance Plans

As per the definition, NAV or net asset value indicates the value of the funds’ asset which is lower than the value fixed in the liabilities of each unit. It is associated with mutual funds aiding in the policyholders to determine whether the fund is undervalued or overvalued. While evaluating the open-funds, it is essential to check NAV.

The value refers to the fund value which a policyholder is assured to get while withdrawing an investment. However, the close fund is related to the fixed amount of units in mutual funds that are regulated by the market condition. The amount is higher or lower than NAV, generally. 

If you invest in the mutual funds of Future Generali India Life Insurance having a lower number, you can expect to achieve better returns. But you should keep in mind the role of quality of fund for making a significant variation to the returns.

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