Functioning of the mobile car tyre puncture repair services

by Jason Roy Tyre City

Punctures might occur when you least expect them to, for instance, while heading for work or school. For such unpredictable times, you must have several mobile services to fix your puncture. With so many mobile tyre-fitting companies on the rise today, you could go ahead with your plans and be assured of getting your tyres fixed wherever you are. Some services even offer to balance the wheels, a new car tyre and a new valve along with the puncture repair service.


Replacing or repairing a puncture


Many companies offer to replace the tyre if it is beyond repair. This would ensure that you have an uninterrupted journey ahead. All you would require to do is place an order for the replacement car tyre on the company’s website. Post receiving the order number, call the replacement or repair service. The technician would then make sure to carry a tyre along when they repair your car tyre. Once the new tyre is fitted, the other tyre would be taken back by the technician, repaired, and the balance amount would be credited to your account.


Is the puncture on my car tyre repairable?


Most of the tyre punctures could be repaired easily; however, there are a few cases where the tyres require replacement. The puncture could be repaired only if:


·         The tyre puncture should be within the car tyre’s central three-quarters.

·         The depth of the tyre’s tread is more than the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm.

·         There should be no record or evidence of any repair carried out previously near the puncture area.

·         The tyre is devoid of any damage to the shoulder or sidewall.

·         A defect in the run-flat does not damage the tyre’s structure.

·         The Michelin banden Utrecht tyre’s rubber shows no sign of deterioration or ageing.


Replacing the car tyre should also not be a concern. Just search for a new pair of tyres and call for a specialist to install them at your convenience.


Law to repair punctured tyres


Repairing a tyre is a very technical procedure. The British Standards Institution lays strict guidelines that all the technicians abide by. The rule BSAU158 states how the repair of the vehicle should be done. The technicians performing the repair would be qualified professionals. They take proper precautions by applying a compressor or balancing machine to fill pressure in the tyres assuring the vehicle’s safety.


How does a sealant work on tyres?


Manufacturers of modern cars offer an inflator pack and a sealant in place of a spare tyre. The air that is compressed and the sealant is introduced via the valve, creating a covering within the tyre. The reason for the puncture determines how the sealant would function. The two varieties of sealants include post-puncture tyre sealant and pre-puncture tyre sealant.


·         Pre-puncture tyre sealant: This is injected via the valve as a protective measure. It helps avoid any loss of air so that the drive is smooth. It becomes difficult to identify in case there is a puncture in the tyre or not. That is why it is always recommended that the tyres are checked regularly. 

·         Post-puncture sealant: This is injected via the tyre’s valve post, in which a cylinder or compressor filled with gas is used to inflate the car tyre again. The liquid to repair the puncture becomes active, making a defensive layer within the tyre. The damage could be irreparable, and the tyre's structure could also become weak if the tyre is driven in a deflated state or a puncture. Sealants are useful during emergencies to understand the level of damage; the tyre could have to be demounted from the wheel.


Repairing puncture in a run-flat tyre


The technology behind run-flat car tyres makes sure that the car can be driven to reach a safer spot. It helps you not getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. It helps the driver to be safe till they receive some help for their tyre. However, the repair of run-flat car tyres is not advised by many manufacturers. They recommend purchasing a new set of run-flat Autobanden Utrecht for your vehicle to be completely safe and secure.

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