From Employee To Entrepreneur

by Marlene Roberson Business Owner

Yes You Can

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Are you picturing the days when you can work from home?

When you don't have to combat rush hour traffic?

When you don't need to call in ill? The best part of that picture is you no longer need to see your boss! Isn't that awesome?

Unfortunately, that day won't come easily.


Unlike a mortar and brick organization, you don't require lots of cash to begin, but it also doesn't mean success will come effortlessly. There are essentials you are required to learn about to successfully transition from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Manage your time

In the beginning, you work throughout the day, and you run your very own company in your extra time. Do you believe you don't have adequate time to do that?

You should think again. We all have the exact same quantity of time-- 24 hours a day. The difference is how you manage that 24 hours.

Individuals state they don't have time, however then they enjoy TELEVISION 30 hours a week! Just offering up TV can give you an additional 30 hours That's more than a day weekly. Consider what you can do with those 30 hours!

So, what IS your top priority? If it is TV, forget it! Prioritize things, and spend your precious time with the most important thing initially.

Have Patience, Be consistent

You are now attempting brand-new things. So don't expect to carry out tasks like an experienced veteran from the start. It takes time to complete each and every single task, even the one that seems to be the simplest.

The process can make you feel extremely frustrated. On top of that, in the beginning the learning curve is steep and you have a bunch of things to tackle that make you more annoyed.

You feel you battle to get anything done. It doesn't indicate you can't be an entrepreneur. It's simply the normal learning process. Do not quit. If you give up, I can assure you, you won't succeed. Be patient, and work consistently.

Discipline yourself

Your business is not essential to make a living when you start out. You already have a job that brings in money. Consequently your business is sometimes not your top priority.

After 5 o'clock, you can procrastinate. Nobody's watching over your shoulder; nobody's criticizing you. You can relax and unwind. Let another day pass, and another, and another due to laziness, absence of motivation or whatever you want to call it.

You can be the greatest enemy of your success. However, you can also provide the best defense against that enemy. By Being DISCIPLINED! Be hard on yourself, and you will take a giant leap into your future - the future you actually desire!

Crunch Time

What do you think? Does it seem to be asking too much to be an entrepreneur? Success will not just come knocking on your door. You have to go and find it. You realize you cannot make money simply sleeping all day long?

Now, are you having reservations? Do you believe you cannot be an entrepreneur? Should that be what you believe, you will most probably not succeed. However, if you have the mindset and determination to succeed, you can. Combine that with the willingness to work and you are on your way to being a successful entrepreneur.

Being a successful entrepreneur does not depend on who you are today. It depends on who you will end up being tomorrow.

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