Follow these 5 steps to improve your fuel savings today

by Mwagifi Dokpire Journalist
After buying a vehicle maintenance is key because it helps save the most fuel. It sounds easy, but is harder than it sounds. There are a number of simple steps you can take that can lessen fuel consumption exponentially. We know every car owner likes saving money, so here are the 5 easiest steps to do so.

Step 1 - Plan your day ahead of time

A car with a engine that is properly heated saves way more fuel compared to the same car with a cold engine. It takes about an hour for an engine to cool down after it is warmed up, so make sure you plan your car usage during the day so that all the trips are in one go. Try to have your car leave and return to your house only once each per day.

Step 2 - Regularly clean your filters

Filters get dirty fast, and a dirty filter means more fuel wasted. The recommended time frame to check and clean them is once per month.

Step 3 - Drive often with windows down and AC off

Except when you're on a highway.. Having the A/C on all the time consumes a lot of fuel. So try to keep it off when it's nice outside. Plus the smell of fresh air will have a positive impact on your day.

Step 4 - Regularly maintain your car

Goes without saying that regularly caring for your car will in turn provide you with benefits as well. Some major culprits are the tires on your car. Worn down tires or tires that have imbalanced air inside can have a big impact on fuel consumption. Plus, you won't have to be worried about your car breaking down. A win win situation. 

Step 5 - Drive at a steady pace

Try to keep your speed stable, meaning get to the speed you want to be at smoothly without stepping to hard of the pedal and braking often. The goal is to not step on your pedal and brakes as much as possible once you get to speed.

Following these 5 easy steps will improve the money you save from spending on fuel drastically. One last tip for saving some cash is investing in a car that's been made with the objective of saving fuel. You can look for a bunch of affordable fuel efficient cars like that and buy online.

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