Fleet Management in the Age of Electric Vehicles

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Fleet Management in the Age of Electric Vehicles

The global future of automobiles might just be electric. Even in India, the government has been promoting Electric Vehicles (EVs), something quite apparent through the Union Budget 2022. After all, electric vehicles promise lower carbon footprints and a safer environment, so why not? 

Conventional Fleet management software systems are designed around internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicles. So, does it mean that most of their functioning will go to waste in an all-electric automobile in the future? Well, no! And in this article, we will find out why! 

What Will Fleet Management Look Like For EV Fleets?

Sure, not everything will have to change since the core of fleet management lies in GPS tracking systems! While the features related to fuel consumption might have to be tweaked, most of the software functions will remain the same. 

So, without further ado, let us look at the different faces fleet management systems might adapt for EVs. 

Multi-Functional GPS Tracking Software 

The future fleet management software will have to add an extra layer of features for EVs. They need to accommodate both electric and fuel vehicles while segregating and balancing both in a fleet. 

This multifunctional GPS tracking software might either have two app faces - one for electric, another for fuel vehicles. Or, they might have the same features visible for all vehicles, the availability of which will depend on what the vehicle is running on. 

Charging Station Enquiries 

With the battery swapping policy introduced by the Indian government in the Union Budget 2022, drivers would be able to exchange discharged batteries for charged ones. However, to make this happen, the charging station infrastructure will have to be extremely strong and connected. 

Just as software today can indicate the live fuel prices on software, EV-supporting software will show the closest stations with available batteries. Therefore, whenever any vehicle has a low battery, drivers can check the nearest station and see if their vehicles have enough battery to reach there. 

Change in Route Planning 

Current EVs cannot have the same running capacity as ICE vehicles. Since their charging stations will be connected, managers will be able to plan routes connecting not just starting and ending points but also charging stations in between. 

This can be a game changer because incorporating charging time into route planning will make ETAs more accurate. 

Moreover, this route planning might also include the eRoaming charging stations offered by the eMobility service provider. After all, why not leverage what is already provided to us, right? 

Preparing For the Electric Future 

It is not just the government that is promoting EVs. In the current times, companies such as Honda and HPCL are also setting up electric vehicle swap stations to promote the rapid rise of EVs. 

With the changing automobile market, fleet management software systems will change too. After all, the basis of all fleet management lies in the basic GPS tracking systems anyway, right? 

With such changing times, it is important to reflect on your fleet management software’s adaptability and scalability and check if it will be able to accommodate EVs in the near future.

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