Finding Asymmetric Risk/Reward Investment Opportunities with Expert Advice

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Finding Asymmetric Risk/Reward Investment Opportunities with Expert Advice

Capitalist Exploits is dedicated to finding asymmetric risk/reward investment opportunities.

Capitalist Exploits is an investment newsletter focused on finding lesser-known investment opportunities with the potential for massive returns. Their approach is to monitor hundreds of global macroeconomic factors—everything from vulnerabilities within the crude oil supply chain to the inflationary effects of Bitcoin—and draw unique investment theses from those insights.

Capitalist Exploits' team comprises former hedge fund managers, each of whom has independently achieved enormous profits for their respective firms. Now they're bringing their expertise together. To create an even more robust environment for discovering 10x investments that the rest of the world is missing.

Capitalist Partners

Capitalist Partners is wholly owned by experts who provide valuable information that investors can rely on. It is always essential to know who is behind certain products and services lest to become conned or even gain a tarnished reputation by distributing fake products. The notable figures who own this program are:

Chris MacIntosh

MacIntosh has managed to create and build several multi-million dollar businesses. His primary wins have been realized in deploying financial advisory services to family offices globally and distributing more than $30 million into a couple of venture capital opportunities. Before joining Capitalist Exploits, Chris had worked at Invesco Asset Management, Lehman Brothers, JPMChase, and Robert Flemings, where he had honed his skills as an investor.

Jamie Keech

Keech is a Vancouver-based financier whose educational background lies in mining engineering. He has worked on numerous global mining projects and was able to polish his skills in providing catalytic capital to teams in the mining and natural resource sector.

Bradley McFadden

McFadden's expertise stems from his former career at Henry Ansbacher, where he managed funds for high-net-worth private clients. He was also in charge of a proprietary trading book for the famous Rand Merchant Bank (South Africa and Australia). The skills he gained from his former career enabled him to identify investment opportunities in highly out-of-favor global themes and execute strategies to achieve asymmetric payoffs.

Harris Kupperman

Kupperman is the face behind Praetorian Capital and Mongolia Growth Group. His expertise has helped investors earn more than $26 for every dollar invested, and he has helped many others take up global investment strategies in the current economy.

Focus On Sectors, Not Stocks

Every recommendation Capitalist Exploits makes starts from a unique opportunity they identify at the sector level. They go through a rigorous research process to find entire markets ready to explode and then zoom in to the company level to choose the individual stock(s) they believe are best positioned to capitalize on that sector-level opportunity.

It allows them to track many different market movements at once while also providing the deep expertise necessary for developing such broad-sweeping investment theses.

Skin In The Game

One question should always be asked anyone offering investment advice: How much skin is there in the game? If the answer is zero, steer clear because they aren't putting their money where their mouth is. On the other hand, the team at Capitalist Exploits personally invests their money in every stock and asset recommended.

Capitalist Exploits Free Newsletter

Capitalist Exploits Free Newsletter offers regular analysis of numerous asymmetric opportunities to more than 20,000 players in the investment world. The information they get helps them chart their way through the uncertain and irregular markets in the current times.

Capitalist Exploits Free Resources offers several tips to support investors from various walks in their investment endeavors.

The information provided in these resources covers the following concepts:

- Brokers recommended

- How to create offshore entities

- The recommended reading list

- Key internet privacy issues.

Capitalist Exploits Insider is the primary product offered by this company. One must pay an annual $1575 fee to access this product, payable upfront. Upon paying for this product, the following resources are available:

- Regular trade alerts.

- Plenty of educational resources

- Direct contact with an investment expert

- Weekly newsletters that have bonus trading tips.

- An investors' forum that has more than 450 members

- Information on the existing portfolio

- Live

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