Few Most Popular Kerala's Traditional Jewelleries That Are Very Popular

by Ashru Nigam Business

Kerala's Native Jewellery Comes in a Variety of Styles

South Indian temples are the inspiration for Kerala traditional jewellery. Nearly every single bit of Kerala jewellery has god and heavenly figures etched on it, as well as floral themes like leaf, shrubs, blossoms, currencies, chimes, and so on.

Were you aware of why temple motifs are used in Kerala native jewels? The reason for this is that temple motifs evoke a sensation of supernatural force in the wearer's existence. As a result, Kerala brides wear Temple jewellery at their marriages.

1. Manga Mala Necklace

Tiny mango-shaped pendants make up a classic Manga mala necklace. It is the most frequent type of jewellery worn in Kerala. It showcases Kerala's exquisite native jewellery.

2. Jasmine Buds Necklace or Mulla Motu Necklace

The Jasmine Buds Jewelry, also known as the Mulla Mottu Necklace, is made up of strands of petals of jasmine flower strung together to make a necklace.

Beautiful Kerala native gold jewellery item is available in two styles: one with plain gold petals of jasmine flower and the other with a mixture of gold Jasmine blossoms and rubies.

Because the Mulla Motu necklace is such an essential piece of Kerala wedding accessories, practically every Keralan female has one in her possession.

3. Mala Pulinakham

The term Pulinakham means "tiger's nails," hence Pulinakham Mala is made out of glass stones shaped like tiger's nails. A stunning necklace is created by stringing these glass stones collectively.

Keralan women frequently wear this vintage jewellery with the native Keralan sarees.

4. Mala Karimani

Karimani mala, which is identical to the Mangalsutra worn by North Indian females, is comprised of gold and black beads and is worn by married females in Kerala. The Karimani Mala is made of gold.

5. Lakshmi Mala or Kasu

Kasu Mala is made up of a quantity of money linked collectively to create a necklace since 'Kasu' represents coins and 'Mala' represents a necklace. These coins are also known as Lakshmi Haar because they are embossed with the image of Goddess Lakshmi.

6. Palakka Mala

Palakka Mala is a 'leaves' necklace made of gemstones or fake green stones that are green in colour. The pattern is generally in the shape of a leaf with a gold accent.

7. Nagapada Thali

It is among the earliest Kerala accessories patterns, and it is named Nagapada Thali because it depicts a snake's head. It is made out of green gemstones, like Emerald. These diamonds are suspended from a gold chain.

8. Pathakam

Pathakam is made up of a gold ornament attached to a gold chain. This stunning item of ancient Keralan accessories is crafted entirely of gold.

9. Poothali

Poothali is constructed with designs and patterns that are influenced by nature. It is made up of rectangular sections that are intricately sculpted with leaves and flowers.

10. Kolusu

In Kerala, a 'Kolusu' is an anklet worn by girls and women at marriages, religious and celebratory events. Kolusu, which is traditionally made of silver, is now also available in gold.

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