Feeling Beautiful, Radiant and Ethically Responsible in Your No Animal Testing Cosmetics

by Ashton T. Writer
If you can sport no animal testing cosmetics, not only will you feel better about your purchases and what they mean to the cosmetics community at large, but you may also find tons of options that fit your personal style and make you shine. In the past, cosmetics and items that supported environmental and animal rights causes were a sort of niche. They were nice, but the large majority of products it seemed had nothing to do with these sorts of issues. They were an exception, not the rule, and if you had a particular need in terms of color or texture, a lot of times shopping only in cruelty free sections limited you and your ability to put together makeup looks. In 2021, these rules are no longer so ironclad. Yes, now with the advent of more developed cosmetics manufacturing and production processes, companies can now verify the safety of their products without resorting to terrible, harmful animal testing procedures.

"You don’t need to use products made through unethical or intractable means! Being able to safely have products not tested on animals is starting to become the industry standard."

Of course, knowing which cruelty free products you want to use is a great help in terms of mapping out your next cruelty free beauty look. Thankfully, you have some great options in stock now. If you are trying to age gracefully and still feel every bit as sexy as you did in your teens and twenties, then you might want to opt for a face primer for mature skin. Face primers are like canvases for your face, setting you up for whatever sorts of layers or details you want to add to your face. Another great product, especially for those of us on the East Coast of America or in a colder-weather country, is the Sunset Skin Foundation. This foundation is well-reviewed by users because it’s not too dry!

Great Options for Your Cosmetics Collection: Veil Cosmetics Cruelty Free Products

When you go for cruelty free products, shopping Veil Cosmetics cruelty free can be a great place to start. Veil has a cruelty free policy, meaning all of its products start at a basic threshold of cruelty free protocol. If you can find products that fall under this range, you are a lot more likely to feel confident in your skin – knowing that your beauty products have not been created in a process that harms animals. Once you have taken a peruse through the list of items on Veil’s website, you may have found some standout items. One of my personal favorites is the Sunset Skin Foundation, which comes in different shades and skin tones.

"Whatever your favorite product is, you can rest assured you are not committing an ethical violation when you invest in cruelty free products."

Another fantastic cruelty free option for beauty freaks is a face primer for mature skin, offered through different products on Veil’s site. One such product is this sunset light primer serum, which can help lift and set the face, and get it ready for the next stages of makeup that you may want to apply. Check out these products and more on Veil’s website, and remember that a purchase for cruelty free products reverberates in more ways than one!

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