Facts You Should Know About the Nappy Rashes to Prevent Them

by Mama Nature Health & Beauty
Being a caring mother, nappy rashes would be the last thing that you would like to see on the gentle skin of your newborn. If it is a common occurrence and you are worried then it is time for you to know certain facts behind these rashes.

Here we go with these facts:

These rashes are easier to spot:

If you have noticed red, inflamed and irritated skin on the nappy area of your baby then they are rashes which in extreme cases can even peel off or blister your skin. 

These rashes are caused by the material of Your Baby’s Nappy:

It is good to remember that the thickness of your baby skin is almost of the thickness of your skin. So, you can say it is super sensitive. The nappy area tends to come in constant contact of stools and urine and hence it gets aggravated. If you leave your baby in a dirty nappy for a long period it would result in severe nappy rash. This happens so because their stools and urine have an enzyme which can break their baby skin. 

These rashes appear in areas other than bums also:

It is true that nappies do leak and babies become victims of this mess. Another part of your baby skin which comes in contact with the urine becomes susceptible to the rashes like thighs, lower back and groin area etc. When you want to fasten your baby’s nappy too tightly then it squashes up the content within and their gentle skin gets affected. You need to make sure that the nappy is tight enough to prevent the leakage. 

Changing nappies often will be of little help:

Once the rashes are there, you cannot get rid of it anyway. If the rashes are there you will have to treat them. A regular application of creams or ointments will help. Changing nappies often will prevent future rashes but would not treat the already existing ones. 

Wet Wipes Make These Rashes Worse:

Chemicals of the wet wipes contain substances that irritate the already inflamed skin there so it is better not to use them over that area. It is good to stick to the wiping routine of the area with soft cotton balls dipped in boiled and cooled water till the rashes get cleared. 

Air Helps:

It is good to let your baby spend some time without nappies. A little bit of fresh air on their skin will be helpful in drying out the rashes and breaks the skin of that area which comes under constant moisture. Even sweating aggravates the situation. 

Last but not the least using a barrier cream is a great preventive measure. You should use it before any nappy rash appears on the area. 

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