Factors That Affect The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Mumbai

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Mumbai: the city of dreams is worldwide famous as bollywood town where cosmetic procedures are hugely available. Celebrities choose to undergo these procedures every now and then as maintaining their looks are very crucial for their flourishing career. Hair transplant in Mumbai has gained a lot of popularity as hair loss is the most common aesthetic concern people have and finding a permanent solution is what everyone look forward to regarding the hair loss issue.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Most of the celebrities have undergone hair transplant which have bloomed their career to next level and have been thankful to the procedure. It was considered an expensive procedure for which it was embraced earlier by mainly celebrities and high profile patients but due to high availability of the procedure at lower hair transplant cost these procedures have become the treatment of choice of hair loss issue for commoners too.

Hair transplant cost in India

Hair transplant cost in India is definitely very affordable as compared to the cost of the procedure in other western world countries. The cost of the procedure in India is approximately 5 – 6 times lower than the cost in western world countries and ranges from 60,000 to 400,000 INR which vary according to many associated factors related to the procedure.

The most common model to quote the cost of the hair transplant procedure in India is the per graft model cost. Each hair graft cost in India varies from 20 – 125 INR which vary from city to city and clinic to clinic.

Factors influencing the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai

There are many associated factors which decide the cost of the hair transplant procedure they are described as follows:

Patient related factors:

1.      Sex of the patient: Female hair transplant is pricier than the male hair transplant as the hair transplant in females is bit trickier and difficult to perform. Including, the female hair transplant need more number of hair grafts as compared to the male hair transplant due to the hair thinning and widening of the partition.

2.      Extent of baldness: The area of baldness is commonly assessed by the Norwood classification. The extent of baldness is directly proportional to the cost of the procedure as there will be need of more number of hair grafts.

Clinic related factors:

1.      Reputation of the hair transplant clinic: The reputed hair transplant clinic might or might not charge you more for hair transplant. But yes you will achieve assured desired outcomes if the hair transplant clinic you are going to choose is reputed for their work. Even if you are being charged bit extra that cost is worth spending and you could consider it as an investment.

2.      Experience of the hair transplant surgeon: The experienced surgeon might charge you bit extra for the hair transplant procedure. But definitely it would be worth paying to go under the knife of an experienced surgeon.

3.      Educational qualification of the hair transplant surgeon: The hair transplant surgeon cannot be overlooked for the educational qualification as it is one of the most crucial elements to define the successful hair transplant. The super specialized hair transplant surgeon might charge you more as compared to a sub standards surgeon and cheaper hair transplant clinic.

4.      Location of the clinic: The hair transplant clinic location matters for the cost as if the cost of living at the location is pricier than the cost of the hair transplant would rise.

Procedure related factors:

1.      Type of hair transplant: The facial hair transplant which is performed at the most crucial aesthetic zone of your body is charged more as the procedure is more technique sensitive and precision based.

2.      Number of hair grafts needed: The more the number of hair grafts needed the more will be the cost of the procedure. The more number of hair grafts are needed in extensive baldness and so as the cost would be higher in those cases.

3.      Technique opted to perform hair transplant: FUE hair transplant is quoted at higher cost than the FUT hair transplant technique. The reason is the tedious procedure and more time consumption of the procedure.

Hair transplant cost at Medispa hair transplant clinic

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinic in India which is well known for its excellence in the world of hair transplant. Despite our high reputation, international level of facilities and world class outcomes we are very affordable. Dr Suneet soni is one of the most celebrated and recognized hair transplant surgeon all across the country whose huge experience and expertise is praiseworthy.

We have enlisted the gross cost of the hair transplant at our centre depending on the grade of baldness and number of hair grafts which can be self assessed by hair graft calculator available at our website. The gross cost at medispa is:

Grade of baldness


Number of hair graft required

Approximate cost quoted

Grade II and Grade III


2500 – 3000 hair grafts

60,000 – 150,000 INR

Grade IV


3000 – 4000 hair grafts

120,000 – 220,000 INR

Grade V


3500 – 4500 hair grafts

150,000 – 250,000 INR

Grade VI and VII


More than 4500 hair grafts

180,000 – 280,000 INR

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