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EZ Battery ReconditioningEZ Battery Reconditioning or easy battery reconditioning is a downloadable Ebook. The book is filled with knowledge about batteries and teaches you how to fix your old batteries. Developed by Tom Ericson, this program is time effective as it takes only ten to twenty minutes to revive the old and dead batteries that one already owns. Through the methods that you can learn and discover from the course, you can easily recondition numerous kinds of batteries that you have, from laptop, to smartphone, car, and even wind system or solar batteries, if you are living in areas which make use of these specific types of energy. With this guide anyone with or without technical skills or knowledge of batteries can easily follow the easy steps provided in this e-book.EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning

This concise eBook is 22 pages long and gets straight to the point without all the fluff. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are accompanied by diagrams and pictures to simplify the process. It also includes a guide on how to recognize ten types of batteries so that people who don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever can easily understand what they are dealing with. Also, as the book has a bunch of battery varieties. So you will be able to fix all kind of batteries with ease. The book does not even talk about batteries only. But along with that, it shares quite a lot of other valuable information with you. The guide also teaches you how to use tools like a multimeter and how to test dead batteries using these tools to know whether they can be fixed or not. As well as the main ebook, there are a few bonus products you receive when you order the course. The first product is called ‘Double the Lifespan of Batteries’, which reveals little know techniques to increase a battery’s lifespan, before it has to be reconditioned. The second product is called ‘How to run a Home Based Battery Business’, which is a comprehensive guide on how to offer battery reconditioning as a service.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a product that everybody can benefit from. It explains, in simple, easy-to-understand language, the method you can use to recondition your batteries, so you don’t have to buy new ones on a regular basis. There are many studies available that support the theory behind the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program. It has been proven that removing sulfation in lead-acid batteries can extend their capacity as well as their life. With this, it’s also proven that this program actually works. It has helped thousands of people and guided them seamlessly how to recondition a battery and use it like a new one. This program is very popular among DIY enthusiasts and has received their appreciations.EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning

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The shopkeeper pulled me by the collar, cursing and dragged me onto the street.

   I fought with him for more than two minutes. I struggled hard while holding the brown paper bag tightly to my chest. There is something I stole in the paper bag.

   Soon, the police car came roaring from all directions, and several policemen jumped out of the car.

   I looked at the police officers in horror, slowly squatted down, put the small paper bag on the street, and then stepped back.

   The policeman who rushed over came over and picked up the bag. He opened the bag carefully and looked into it. Immediately, there was a strange expression on his face.

   "Child, how old are you?"

   "I just passed my 8th birthday yesterday."

   "This is for this!"

   The police squatted down beside me. "Child, can you tell me what's going on?" He asked, putting his hand on my shoulder.

   "What I want is something that belongs to me. It is something that belongs to me alone." I sobbed.

   I looked up and saw the police take the panties out of the bag.

   "Why don't you steal valuable things, such as pants or high-end shirts?"

   "Because they will burn these things."

   "Who would burn these things?"

   "The wardens of an orphanage. They always burn things that others give me, as long as these things are not available to other children."

   "Will they not burn their underwear?"

  "No. They can’t see it because it’s under my clothes. In this way, they won’t burn it. That’s why I stole my underwear and how I can own my own things.

   "I have no other way to get what I need to pay for."

   The police looked at me with a confused expression on his face. "Don't each of your children have something of your own?"

   "I have a place to sit and eat. Other than me, no one can sit in that position. Only me, that's mine. That's my own thing."

   The policeman stood up, turned and walked into the clothing store. A few minutes later, he and the owner came out and talked on the sidewalk for a while. Then, the police took out his wallet and gave the shopkeeper some money.

   The police came to me. He handed me the bag and said, "Go to my police car and put on these new underwear, and then come back here. Understand?"

   "Yes, sir." I replied.

   I got into the police car, hid in the back seat, put on the new underwear, and then returned to the police. "Do you know that stealing is illegal?"

   I nodded and said, "I won't steal anymore. I just want something that belongs to me."

   "How do you feel?" he asked.

   "It's soft and comfortable. I've never worn such new and soft clothes before." I grinned.

   On the street one block away from the orphanage, the police car stopped.

   "You'd better get off here and walk the rest of the road home." He said, "You don't want everyone to know that you were almost arrested, right?"

   I grinned again. Then I hugged his shoulder and jumped out of the police car.

  I have been wearing those underwear for the next four months. How I want to tell the other children in the orphanage that I have something that belongs to me, but I dare not.

   Every night, when the other children fall asleep, I sneak into the bathroom and secretly wash the little underwear. After wringing it out, I used a dry towel to absorb its moisture and then put it on. By daybreak, my body temperature can dry it. The feeling of having something of your own is really wonderful.

   However, I was found while washing my underwear one day, and they took it away. This time, they did not burn it. The female housekeeper cut it into pieces with a pair of scissors. Late that night, I sneaked downstairs and found the debris in the trash can. Then, I ran back to the bathroom, washed all the rags, and dried them with a large dry towel.

   I fell asleep with a smile that night. The rags have been stuffed into my pillow by me, and they still belong to me.

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