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Exhumation is defined as the exhumation of human remains from where they were buried, whether they were complete or burned remains. This is usually followed by the transfer and burial of the remains to a new or alternative grave, the cremation of the remains, or the return of the remains to the deceased's country of origin. Davis Funeral Home has years of experience in Exhumation services and a complex regulatory process for buried cremation and human remains repatriation.

Exhumation Process

When the coffin remains are exhumed, the funeral home will provide at least 2 staff, one of whom is the funeral director. Depending on the family's wishes for reinterpretation or relocation, the funeral home will also provide the necessary container or coffin in which the remains will be placed. For example, if the deceased is to be returned to another country, a hermetically sealed steel coffin or a wooden coffin lined with metal is used. If the deceased is cremated, the remains are placed in a wooden cremation container. This assumes that the original coffin cannot be used.
Before the arrival of the funeral home staff, cemetery staff will prepare the burial site by removing above-ground structures such as headstones, railings, or concrete walls. The upper part of the tomb will then be mechanically excavated. The remaining soil will be removed manually under the supervision of police and funeral home staff. During the excavation, the cemetery staff will take every precaution to avoid damaging the coffin. It is the responsibility of the funeral director to undertake the removal of the coffined remains or to take the skeletal remains by placing them in the provided coffin or container. After exhumation, the remains are taken by the funeral coach to the funeral home or elsewhere pre-arranged.

Reasons for Exhumation

So that the remains can be returned so that the deceased can be buried in a family safe or grave in the country where they came from.
Reinterpretation of the remains on a family plot in the same or different cemetery.
It moved the remains of war veterans from a common grave to a sectarian plan dedicated as an honorable place for veterans.
The family may want the remains cremated.
To distribute previously cremated remains.
When the coroner or other legal authority asked for further examination of the remains.
Identifying remains through DNA testing

Our services include:

The necessary facilities, transportation, equipment, and personnel in the organization and undertaking of the exhumation service.
Continue all administrative and legal obligations related to the proposed exhumation, including the receipt of all relevant permits and licenses.
Handling all arrangements and communication with relevant Government departments, diocesan officials, and cemetery officials.
Providing a coffin suitable for the transport of exhumed remains and subsequent reburiment or cremation.
The exhumed remains are welcomed, kept safe, and prepared in our funeral home or one of your chosen ones before being reburied, cremated, or returned.
Other Considerations:
Exhumation of tombstones and monumental walls.
Cemetery fees and fees related to exhumation.
Then the fees and fees for reburiment, cremation, or repatriation.
Fees for the participation of a minister or official.

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