Ex getting married! Here’s why it shouldn’t be a big deal

by Raincy W. Raincy

It’s always hard to hear when your ex gets married to someone else because you weren’t expecting it obviously and you’ve spent a beautiful and significant part of yourself with that person who may now be a stranger to you and /will be sharing himself/ herself with another person altogether.

But some of us learn to deal with it over time and some struggle but they should understand that it’s not the end of the world because the pain is temporary, but the relief is permanent

Read on to find several phases that you go through after finding that your ex is getting married to someone else as it may help you cope with the news in the best way possible: 

  1. Surprise: This can be a surprise but it should never come as a shock to you because you guys broke up for a reason and he/she has moved on. They weren’t going to spend their rest of the life all alone, right? So, when they moved on, you should too. There is no point in digging up the past without any consequence.

  2. Jealousy: When your ex gets married to someone else, it has nothing to do with you and just think that it means they’re in a specific phase of life and they made a decision. Your ex is an independent person just like you, so marrying someone else doesn’t always mean that they think the other person is “better” than you. They just wanted to settle down and start a new phase in life.

  3. Anger: When you hear the news of your ex getting married to someone else, it hurts and you feel the blood rush in your veins but remember that something went wrong and that’s why you’re not together. The truth is no matter how your relationship ended, something wasn’t good about it so instead of feeling low or angry give your blessings to your ex and think about moving on.

  4. Pride: Unless you’re on very good terms with your ex, don’t even think about congratulating him/her.  Some people will encourage you to do this but it doesn’t leave a good impression and not to mention that everyone will think. especially you’re ex, that you are not over her/him and it will be a clear sign that you’re still thinking about them so why bother connecting again.

  5. No stalking: Following your ex on social media platforms is only going to make things harder for you in the process of moving on. You may think that keeping a checking their status or posts will give the updates of their life but what about handling yourself in the process. Following or unfollowing your ex or any mutual friends or family is your choice but don’t get stuck in the way.

  6. Pity: You feel bad for the guy or the girl that your ex is marrying and you just can’t resist and want to laugh about it as it was the funniest thing you heard. You even feel blessed about how your life is so much better without him/her. You thank god for saving you from that person because it could have been you and if it didn’t work out then it means you were not meant for each other. Just think of it as you dodged a bullet undoubtedly and it’s time to celebrate.

  7. Acceptance. Eventually, you come to terms with the reality that you’re just not meant to be and you’re totally over him/her. It’s hard to accept the fact that someone you once loved intensely is now happy and about to get married to someone else. After the ridiculous fights, the horrible breakup, and the agonizing healing stage, his/her life took a turn and now he/she is deliriously happy. You just try to be happy for your ex and believe that you’ll one day be just as deliriously happy as him/her.

  8. Distraction: Engage or surround yourself with people like family & friends who love and care for you. You need that positive energy from the people around you to be reminded about how great a person you are. Someone needs to boost up your confidence and who would be better at that job than your own.

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