Essential Oil Candles - Enjoy the All-Natural Fragrance

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Nothing quite reproduces the relaxing and surprising effect that scented candles can bring to a room. Although ordinary candles can change the look and feel of any area by bathing them in soft light, scented candles add something extra special by enhancing the olfactory experience as well. Essential oil candle can easily transport you to a distant beach on a nice summer day or conjure up fond memories of special events or just allow you to relax in a rainforest without ever having to leave the room.


Although scented candles that use synthetic scents and petroleum-based waxes remain popular, more and more people are choosing to use essential oil candles and all-natural candles. Paraffin, after all, is an alkane, related to methane, a highly combustible gas. Essential oil candles, on the other hand, are made from natural sources like soybeans and beeswax, so the products are assured that they do not contain any artificial ingredients.


Why essential oils?


Essential vegetable oils are oils or resins that are naturally present in plants and flowers that are extracted by various methods, including extraction, pressing, and distillation, among others. These oils contain the part of the plant that emits its unique aroma, so it is not surprising that some oils are extracted from parts of the plant such as leaves, bark, roots, seeds, husks, stems, and berries.


Essential oils should not be confused with aromatic oils, which are created using synthetic materials or chemicals alone or mixed with other natural ingredients. Because essential oil candles use only real essential plant oils, they cost slightly more than ordinary scented candles. These oils require many plant parts to produce. About a pound of rose essential oil, for example, will require a ton of rose petals to produce.


However, the cost associated with essential oil candles is really worth it, considering they are natural. When you smell a lavender essential oil candle, for example, that is actually the actual lavender oil that you are smelling and not a synthetic compound that mimics the chemical makeup of the scent.


Benefits of all-natural candles


The unique characteristics of soy aromatherapy candles and essential vegetable oil candles are easy to appreciate. They do not contain artificial fragrances, so they only emit clean, all-natural scents that are suitable for natural healing therapies to promote relaxation and relieve stress. Since they do not contain petroleum-based products, they will not cause allergic reactions or discomfort to sensitive people. They burn cleanly and produce no smoke or soot that could ruin an otherwise enjoyable experience.


These all-natural candles burn continuously, producing a constant light. Since natural oils are used to provide fragrance, they are released evenly as the candle burns. The result is a constant stream of select scents that leave every room smelling wonderful.


For eco-friendly people and vegans, all-natural candles are a great alternative. These candles contain no animal by-products or paraffin wax, so there is no need to compromise your lifestyle. When purchasing essential oil candles and natural candles, be aware of the terminology involved and buy only from reputable sellers to ensure quality.

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