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Diwali is fast approaching and before the festivities begin in the month of October this year, people have already begun to start cleaning their homes and are in the process of getting rid of old stuff to make space for the new products they plan on buying for their homes and offices. It is also that time of the year when people start planning on what to gift their loved ones, colleagues, relatives, officers, and others.

In India, people are big fans of music and movies and everyone wishes to recreate the magic of theatres at home which till now seemed impossible? However now, with advancements in technology, it is possible to possess a high-quality home theatre system and added to that a good HD television. Voila, your very personal home theatre is ready to play your favourite movie. Isn’t that exciting?

Let Diwali 2019 be a little different and before planning what to give others, think out of the box and gift your home something really special. It is a gift that will be perfect for your home and will make everyone happy too. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know more in this blog about why a high-quality home theatre system is an ideal gift for any home.

Wait, before learning the benefits of having a home theatre system, let us understand what a home theatre system is.

What is a Home Theatre system?

If we were to put it really simple, a home theatre system is a combination of gadgets that provide theatre-like movie watching experience within the four walls of your home but, it is not that a simple system. Watching a movie in the theatre is an experience by itself due to the picture and sound quality that it provides. You tend to get immersed in the experience which cannot be had while watching the same movie on a normal television set, however high resolution it is.

A home theatre system can be also described as a personal mini-theatre Cineplex.

Here is what makes a movie-watching experience in a theatre different than watching one at home –

Surround Sound

Theatres are equipped with three main speakers, i.e. one on the left side of the screen, one on the right, and one in the centre behind the screen and many other speakers are placed around the hall in the theatre, making it a surround sound feature that echoes the sound from the movie all around the hall.

SE-7777 BT

Truvison’s 5.1 Channel home theater system is the one you can go for, for its awesome surround sound quality. Trust us, soon you will be recommending it to friends and family.

Size of the Screen

It is the sheer size of the screen at the movie theatres that make it an incomparable experience. Your line of vision cannot stray from the screen making it easy to focus only on the picture in front of you. Added to the screen size, the darkness in the hall makes sure that only the picture is of prime importance.

Picture Quality

At the theatre, the picture quality is awesome. The huge and clear picture makes watching a movie more fun and worthwhile. The projectors at the theatres have technologies that emit high-definition motion pictures on the screens.

All these three qualities attract people to the movie theatres which are a bit expensive than watching movies at home or even renting a movie. However, the experience is something one must have at least once (more than once is no harm at all, we say).

Try Truvison’s highly recommended TX65200 – 65 inch LED TV for an exceptional picture quality that will make your movie-watching, gaming, and music more fun and enthralling. Excited, isn’t it to watch the latest thriller on TX65200 – 65 inch LED TV for an everlasting experience.

Components of a Home Theatre system

Home theatre systems recreate the same experience at home with a variety of equipment and they are –

  • A big screen high definition (you can surely opt for TX55201 – 55 inch LED TV from Truvison) television set with good picture quality
  • Minimum 4-6 surround sound tower speakers
  • Equipment that splits the surround sound signals and delivers it to the speakers
  • Home theatre receiver, also known as the surround sound receiver
  • Disc player with various disc playing compatibility
  • Subwoofer
  • Cables for connecting the various equipment

TX55201 - 4K 55 inch Panoramic UHD LED TV India - LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison

The market is flooded with the varieties of home theatre systems and it is up to the consumer what he wants for his home and how much he is willing to spend. A basic 50inch TV can also serve as a home theatre with a couple of tower speaker stands placed around the room, a DVD player, and home theatre receiver. Also, one can opt for a high-end home theatre system, fully loaded with the latest features and upgrades and one that has also the trims and laces that give a unique movie-watching experience, right in the comfort of one’s home.

Things to keep in mind before buying a home theatre system:

Most people buy a home theatre system that is recommended by a friend or family, or the brand that is latest in the market. But there are a few things one should consider before finalizing on a home theatre system for your own home.

  • The budget would be a good place to start as this will help in narrowing down the features and models you are looking at.
  • Size of the room where it will be placed, if the place is small and compact, wireless home theatre system will work perfectly.
  • Try getting a demo at home as the walls, ceilings, and the layout of the demo rooms at the store are designed to obtain the best sound performance.
  • All the speakers are from one single brand as this will result in a difference in sound quality.
  • Whether the system you are looking at will play both 2-channel music and the home theatre soundtracks.
  • Does the system have an inbuilt Android system?

Home Theatre system at home:

Getting a home theatre system for your own home or as a gift for a loved can will prove to be a wise decision since it does have a list of benefits.

  • Gift for all

A home theatre system is never for a single person alone, it is for everyone’s use in the house. Everyone loves watching movies on a huge screen with good picture quality and surround sound. With smart televisions being launched in the market, the home theatre systems are also getting smarter and have become even better than the traditional home theatre systems.

Be it an uncle, an aunt, your brother, mom, dad, wife, or even your kids, they are all going to love that high-quality home theatre system you will bring home this festival season. Home theatres are no longer just used for watching movies, playing VR games, listening to music, watching shows and such on the system also are an awesome experience.

  • Benefits galore

A good, high-quality home theatre system is a complete package with all the gifts rolled into one. There is simply no need to buy individual gifts for the members of the household. It will also provide for the entire family to bond and enjoy together in one room watching a movie or two.

A home theatre system is a stress-free gift to give your home and family.

  • Simple to install

A home theatre system is hassle-free and is simple to install when the correct process is followed as per the booklet provided. Even if you find it difficult to install it by yourself, most companies dealing with the home theatre systems provide free installations for the product.

Best Home Theatre system to go for this Festive Season Diwali 2019

Planning on buying a home theatre system for your home that has the quality, assures durability, and is perfect for your home? Well, what are you waiting for? Get your perfect home theatre system with high-quality surround sound, high-definition picture quality, and a promise of quality and 100% customer support from Truvison. It’s time to enjoy a theatre experience right in the comfort of your home amidst your family and friends with the best electronic brand of speaker system adding charm and style quotient to your space

Why Buy Home theatre from Truvison?

Truvison, a leading consumer electronics brand, has some wide range of top-notch home theatre systems to make your movie-watching experience exceptional. The Turbotek technology that their home theatre systems have is nothing like others and is one of its kind providing a thrilling sound effect, for instance their models like TV-7777BT and TV-6045 BT are simply outstanding. The products are designed to take up minimum space and maximize the movie-watching experience.

With Truvison, sit back and relax, their team of professionals will help you through the selection and the installation process to make the task of setting up your home theatre system.

The brand stands for quality, assurance, and satisfaction and this is their sole motto. Choose the best home theatre system fit for your home and also, your pocket, from their wide collection and make your home and family happy and lively this festive season.

It’s time to treat your loved ones or even yourself to a breath-taking audio experience this Diwali. Want to know more about our high-quality home theatre systems? Get in touch with us today with all your queries and we will be happy to assist you.

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