Engine Diagnostic 101 – What You Must Know about Check Engine Light?

by Alex Cook Automotive

The Check Engine Light, also called a malfunction indicator lamp, is the first indicator of trouble. It signals a lurking issue that your car’s self-diagnostic tool detects from any of the vehicle components.

If you find the Check Engine Light blinking on the dashboard, it calls for immediate engine diagnostic in Leicester. It’s because you never know when it’s indicating a minor or major issue.

Well, let’s take a better look at it.

Identifying the Check Engine Light

There are several lights installed on your vehicle’s dashboard to indicate various issues and reminders. All are essential in one way or the other.

For instance, one may suggest that your car requires a servicing; another may be an indicator of an oil change. These are not serious issues and just a reminder of routine maintenance you need to follow.

When it comes to engine diagnostic in Leicester, technicians focus on the Check Engine Light. If you have a modern car with OBD, a service garage can make good use of code readers to decipher the issue related to Check Engine Light.

With the help of these readers, you can easily understand the area that needs to be tested. Once the source of the problem has been determined, you can go for car repair in Leicester accordingly. It’s always advisable to take it for a proper diagnostic session at reliable garages like Treadstones Autofit.

Measures to take when the light blinks

Whenever the Check Engine Light starts blinking, you need to be wary of a serious issue that may have cropped up. It requires immediate attention which may spare your car from a complete breakdown. Here are a few of them that may prove to be valuable before you go for an ECU diagnostic in Leicester.

  • Stop immediately – First things first, you need to check whether the dashboard is indicating an overheating or low pressure of oil. If found, you need to pull to the side safely and turn off the engine.

  • Tighten the gas cap – Often, a minor issue like the loosening of the gas cap may lead to a triggered Check Engine Light. So, once you have stopped, check if it is loose or not. If found so, tighten it immediately.

  • Slow down and reduce engine load - If you see the light blinking along with a severe performance issue, slowing down the vehicle and reducing engine load may solve the problem. If not resolved, you would need engine diagnostic in Leicester.

Fix the issue at the earliest

Well, if the tricks mentioned above don’t work out, chances are your vehicle is facing a significant issue like engine backfire which can only be solved through car repair in Leicester.

So, take your vehicle to your nearest garage, get is diagnosed and fixed. Apart from a loosened gas cap, the problems can be –

  • Dysfunctional oxygen sensor

  • An issue with the ignition/spark plug

  • A defective catalytic converter

So, take care and go for an immediate fixing of any vehicle issues detected by the diagnostic technician. Ensuring that it’s not too late for any repairs is your responsibility.

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