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There is no denying the fact that being a kid in today’s world is not the easiest of things. With the competition being on the rise in every aspect, the increasing pressure from social media to be “popular” and “trending,” and their own expectations to live up to, we, at Lotus Valley International School, understand that the children today have a lot to deal with. What gets us worried is that, in such a scenario, kids often try to simply fit in to avoid any conflict, instead of expressing themselves and stating their inner viewpoints and ideas.

We have seen kids struggling with expressing themselves in front of their peers or their parents, and even in general. And, there is more than one reason for us to believe that this is something that has to be addressed from a young age. Sure, we understand that not every child can be outspoken and open, but even then a degree of expressiveness is important for each one of them. And, on that note, today we will outline some of the reasons why we consider it necessary for children to express themselves.

Asking for help when needed

Children need to express themselves in order to clearly state that they need help with something, be it with that chapter he’s having difficulty with or that neighborhood kid bullying him. It gives parents the opportunity to show children the ways they can help themselves, or if the situation demands, intervene to help the children in the matter.

Conveying the message that their opinions matter

So many times we have seen that children hold themselves back from expressing because they believe that their opinions don’t matter much. When we fail to make our children learn to express their opinions clearly at an early age, they grow up to believe that the right views are the ones that everyone believes in. It affects their uniqueness and sense of individuality in the long run.

Offering a way of explaining their emotions

A child who does not know how to select the apt words to express himself/herself will frequently end up having episodes of shouting, crying, or talking down to the other person. It is thus necessary to teach children the right ways to express their feelings, and that can be done by teaching them to name their emotions and helping them assess the reasons for feeling that way.

Expressing discomfort when the situation is such

It is important for children to learn to stand up for themselves when they feel their personal space is being violated, as this way, they will be safer from the dangers life can pose. Children need to be taught that it is okay to say “No” when they are feeling uncomfortable, be it to a grown-up they know or to a stranger.

Self-expressions paving the path for self-confidence

Learning to express themselves is important for the emotional, social, and mental growth of children. When we give children a voice, we set them up for success as more self-confident individuals. They gain confidence in their own selves from knowing the fact their ideas matter and their opinions count. It boosts their self-esteem and helps them in inching closer to realizing their unique potential.

At Lotus Valley International School, ranked among the Top 5 Schools in Noida, we strongly believe that teaching children to express themselves is a process that should ideally be started as early as possible in their lives. And it should be done before the ideas of social media or competitions start forming in their minds. When children know how to aptly express themselves under different situations, it empowers them to be their own person, and stand out with their distinctive, resilient personalities.

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