Electric Locks: What You Need To Know

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Imagine a world without the frustration of forgetting your keys and having to call a local locksmith. With electric locks, you will be able to walk into your home with just one click! Electric locks also offer another perk: they make it easy so that people can't break in or sneak inside while you're away from home.

What are Electric Locks?

A traditional lock is a protective device that operates with the help of pins and cylinders. The piston, which controls the cylinder's movement in response to pressure applied by a key inserted into its slot, can only be released when it falls due to gravity.

Electric locks are much more reliable than the old-fashioned key variety and offer increased protection against security breaches. They contain a small motor inside, activated by an electrical impulse similar to those set off when you press the button on your car's key fob for unlocking doors. The electric lock can work as people walk past it or not, unlike cars where you need your remote control for them to unlock automatically! Talk to your local locksmith to help you decide the best option.

Types of Electric Locks

Electric locks for homes are now more advanced than ever, with a variety of locking options. Here is the list that a local locksmith would recommend:

Key Fob

If you want to keep your smartphone detached from the front door, a key fob lock is an excellent option. It uses RDIS (radio waves) and can be activated with just one touch of its electric reader that unlocks the door for you.

Smart Phone Operated Lock

Whether you're at the office or travelling abroad, your smartphone can be used to unlock and lock up your house. Smartphone operated locks are activated from anywhere; all you need is just a phone! There's an app for that, too: smart lock apps let users set predetermined times for locking and unlocking doors--some even include monitoring which provides alerts if someone tries to break into their homes!

Coded Entry Locks

Coded entry locks are a type of electric lock that requires you to enter the code on an outside keypad before getting inside. These unique codes can vary from numbers, letters or special characters. After entering them into their respective keys, they will allow access for specific amounts of time depending on how long it takes someone who doesn't know your combination to either guess or find out what is wrong with using trial-and-error methods.


Fingerprint locks are the latest in biometric technology. The newest models store a picture of your fingerprint on an electronic card, which means all you need to do is place your finger on the lock for easy access into your home! Other options include voice-activated and eye scanners; however, these can be more expensive than other types.

To get the best protection possible, electric locks are an excellent choice for your property. The use of sophisticated technology makes these locks are dependable in all circumstances. Talk to your local locksmith as soon as you can so they can discuss what kind of lock is right for you!

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