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Do you know about staking cryptocurrencies or proof of stake? Want to know about its benefits? If you see it from the user’s perspective then it’s like being paid the interest for holding a cryptocoin. And in technical terms, it’s a proof-of-stake (POS) which is an alternative to the Proof-of-Work (POW) mining model.  Instead of miners cracking cryptographic puzzles they can use computing power to verify the transactions, in the same way, they as they do with PoW. The PoS user with existing coins validates the transaction by dividing the number of coins they have locked or bound in staking wallet.

From a user point of view, they need to keep a certain amount of coin in the staking wallet for certain length of time and they will earn new-minted coins on it.

Benefits of Proof of Stake and Staking Cryptocurrencies

There are some key benefits of crypto staking which is listed below:-

·      Less energy consumption

When it comes to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies mining, it uses a high amount of energy to keep the hardware mining machines operating.  There are special mining rings used to drain huge amount of energy to generate more than they spend.  PoS cryptocurrencies are comparatively energy-efficient to Proof of Work and give a better option for environment by consuming less energy to function.

·      Cost-effective equipment

With PoS you need not invest in expensive mining rings because staking can be done with your personal computer or a hardware wallet without spending much fortune.

·      Predictable return

Unlike Proof-of-Work, POS offers guaranteed returns and fixed source income where your coins are rewarded through the random process with low probability.  Apart from it, the value of staked coins will not depreciate like ASICs and other mining hardware but it can be affected by fluctuation in the current market prices.

Aussie Digital Staking

Are you also looking for coin staking to earn some reward points? If yes, then Aussie Digital is giving you a lucrative option to stake and enjoy the reward points.  With active staking on the Aussie Digital platform, you will earn 10% staking rewards per month.  For staking, you need to log in your member's dashboard and need to send AUDcoin to your staking wallet.

You can stake your coins for the time of your choice like 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. After the maturity date, you can claim your staked coin or re-stake them to earn more coins.

Aussie Digital Super Drop

Apart from staking, Aussie Digital is also giving you a great chance to win free AUDCoins by participating in its Super Drop. You can easily participate in Aussie Digital’s Super Drop which involved lots of activities and allows you to earn AUDCoins in your wallet.  Click the link to be the part of Super Drop.

Aussie Digital has come up with Tradezy e-commerce platform which will be based on blockchain technology and supported by cryptocurrency coins.  This platform will bring the new revolution in the e-commerce industry and prove beneficial for both online store owners and online shoppers. The platform will allow the use of renowned cryptocurrencies and provide special rewards on its own cryptocoin “AUDcoins”. Users can use their free AUDCoins on the platform to enjoy its various benefits and save money on their shopping. 

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